Franklin Brass FBDPRH3-WSE-R User guide

Franklin Brass FBDPRH3-WSE-R User guide
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1. How much weight do hooks/heok rails hold?
All of the hocks and hook rails are tested to hold 35 pounds. The key rails are tested to hold 5 pounds,
2. How do | mount this to my wall? What tools do | need before | start? |s Installation hardware Inctudedi
Hooks and hook ralls are easily Installed via front-mount installation, and all mounting hardware and anchors arz included.
You wlll n2ec a dri, level, and measuring tcols for Installaton, Please read our detalled Instructions for more Information,
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3. What material are these made out of?
Hooks are made of metal which can vary fram steel to zinc or aluminum. All hooks come with a limited liletime warranty, Rey
rails are made of plastic and also come with limited Éfetime warranty. Hook гай back boards are constructed of medium density
{iberisaard unless otherw se stated.
4, Huw do | came for the hookrhook rail afer | install it?
Quer presi ls «Ivo be ceased silk a dey cloth Wo nsandain tie quality uf the ined See oor oe led care nedruclivers Fu
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5, Where can l find the dimensions of this item?
Our Items come in a variety of shapes and ses, To see dimensions of your mem, plesse look at rís dimension imare,
Nstucton sheet orrefer to he description and addmional information section on the product pare,
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6. | have an issue veilh my hookhook rack, what should Ido?
Please reach out to our Customer Care team at 1-B-542-3784 for assistance.
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