TP-solar C2I_INV_B07TDH97HQ_R User manual

TP-solar C2I_INV_B07TDH97HQ_R User manual
Instruction manual
TP-solar 30W solar Charger
TP-Solar Technik GmbH, 41468 Neuss,DE
1. Overview--------------------------------------------------------1
2. Production Image --------------------------------------------------1
3. Use Direction ------------------------------------------------------2
4. Product Parameter------------------------------------------------3
5. Notic e--------------------------------------------------------4
1. Overview
●Thank you for choosing TP-Solar portable solar charger. Please read this instruction
manual carefully before use and keep the instruction manual properly for your referring on
necessary time.
●Two USB 5V/9V/12V output, support QC 2.0 and 3.0 charging technology, powered by
monocrystalline silicon solar panel, TP-Solar portable solar charger is designed to provide
emergency power for users to power digital devices like mobile phone, Pad etc. With DC 5V
output, the solar charger is easy to use with fashionable appearance and compact
●With another DC 14.5V output, comes with DC cable with cigarette lighter plug and
alligator clip. It is suitable for charging 2 Volt batteries such as RV boat car truck trailers or
any other vehicles.
2. Product Image
USB output
DC output
indicator light
3. Use Direction(the pictures are only for reference, please make the object as the
● Solar panel placement state when charged
hang on the bag
put on the ground
Above are just typical operations. With appropriate fittings, it can be stuck on the glass、
hanged on the tent or similar situation;
● When connected by USB output, it can offer emergency power for digital devices like
mobile phone、PAD etc;
Note: This product can power most mobile phone models on the market. Whereas, certain
phone models may not be charged properly due to mobile phone charging circuit design.
4. Product Parameter
Product Model
30W Solar charger
Solar panel
Solar panel type
Flexible Monocrystalline
30W watt
Output voltage
DC 5V/9V/12V
Max output current
light on
Normal solar radiation, charging
Light off
No sunshine/insufficient sunshine
L692mm×W280 mm×H3 mm
L155mm×W280 mm×H40 mm
DC output
USB output
0.7 KG
Working temperature
Working moisture
~+50 ℃
5. Notice
● When charging, please ensure solar panel surface facing the sun to get the Vertical
sunlight incidence angle, and make sure no other objects block the sunshine;
● Solar panels with thin-film encapsulation should be avoided from the rocks, metal objects
striking, and other sharp objects;
● Do not bend the solar panel too much in case it will break off;
● Must keep the panel surface clean while charging, and the panel need to clean up from
time to time in order to keep the high efficiency of the solar power;
● Keep solar panels away from fire and the heat;
● Try to prevent it from rain,if wet, please make it dry then continue to use;
● When products is not working, should be folded and storage.
The product specifications and information mentioned in this manual are for reference only
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