Davis Instruments #6810 the Gateway and Node Label Troubleshooting Guide

Davis Instruments #6810 the Gateway and Node Label Troubleshooting Guide
 7 Rn
? My Gateway can’t access the cell network
or WeatherLink.com
Your Gateway may be installed in a poor cellular coverage
area. Leave the Gateway in place for at least 30 minutes
to see if it can connect. If not, you may need to relocate
the Gateway or contact Technical Support.
? What do | do if my Gateway battery is low?
You need to determine why the solar panel is not
recharging the battery. This is usually due to something
shading the solar panel (such as vegetation, snow, or
dirt). Check your installation to make sure direct sunlight
is reaching the solar panel.
? My installation is in a low light area. Can | add another
solar panel?
Yes. You can add an Extra Solar Panel Kit
(product number 6616).
? My Node can’t connect to the Gateway or mesh parent.
Give the Node at least 15 minutes to negotiate a
connection to the mesh network. If it still cannot connect
relocate the Node closer to the Gateway or another Node,
or you can install another intermediate Node between it
and the next Node or Gateway to help it connect to the
mesh network.
? What do | do if my Node D-batteries are low?
Replace the four D cell batteries. Although the solar panel
and lithium battery will charge even in low light conditions
(under a canopy) you should ensure that the solar panel is
not obscured by vegetation or debris and that the solar
panel is exposed to as much sunlight as possible.
Technical Support
510-732-7814 [email protected]
Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time
7356.268 A
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