Enabling Devices 393 User manual

Enabling Devices 393 User manual
If a CD skips it may need cleaning. Wipe off any fingerprints with a soft
Do not get wet. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning.
CD Boom Box #393
(Naxa Model)
For Technical Support:
Call our Technical Service Department
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)
[email protected]
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Hawthorne, NY 10532
Tel. 914.747.3070 / Fax 914.747.3480
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Switch-adapted with CD player!
This switch-adapted boom box has a CD player, AM/FM radio and a cassette
player all in one unit! Simply plug your capability switch into the
radio/cassette jack to play music, or plug your switch into the CD jack to
activate your favorite CD. The radio functions one switch activation to play, a
second to turn the Radio off. The CD and tape function starts and pauses
with each switch activation. The CD function will not work with a latch/timer.
Size: 12"L x 9"W x 5½ "H. Requires Capability Switch and 8 C Batteries.
Weight: 4 lbs.
PLEASE NOTE: Styles and brands may vary. AC line cord has
been removed and AC power function has been disabled for
safety reasons. Battery use only.
1. The CD boom box requires 8 “C” batteries (not included) to operate.
Install the batteries, turn the unit to face the battery compartment. Next
slide the battery compartment cover off. Pay careful attention to the
battery polarity. Be sure the + and - poles are facing in the correct
directions as shown in the battery compartment. Use alkaline batteries
only (e.g. Duracell or Energizer). Do not use heavy duty or rechargeable
as they will not work. Replace cover.
Please Note:
Do not mix new batteries with old ones.
Remove the batteries when you do not plan to use the unit for a month or
Only connect one switch to the CD Boom Box. Connecting two switches
will disable the CD Boom Box.
To operate the CD player:
1. First turn the power ON by pushing the POWER button. Next press the
‘’Function’’ button to select CD, Radio or Tape.
2. Open the CD compartment by pushing down on the CD compartment lid.
Insert your CD, label side up, over the center hub of the disc and gently
press the center of the CD until it snaps down. Gently close the
compartment door.
3. There are two adapted female switch input jacks located on the side of
the unit. Insert a capability switch into the jack marked “CD”. (Female
jack only accepts 1/8"plug) When the Capability Switch you have
chosen is activated the CD player will start to PLAY the first track. Press
the switch again to PAUSE the track. Pressing your switch a 3rd time will
resume PLAY.
Please Note: This unit will not work with any Switch/Latch/Timers.
Please Note: The Auxiliary function has not been switch adapted on
this device.
To operate the Radio/Cassette Recorder:
1. Insert the 1/8" plug into the adapted switch jack located on the side of the
unit marked “RADIO/TAPE”. Activate your Capability Switch and the
radio will PLAY. Activate it again and it will turn OFF.
2. For TAPE: select “TAPE” function. Next press the STOP/EJECT button
to open the cassette tape compartment. Insert your audio tape with the
open edge facing up and the side you want to play facing you. Push the
cassette door to close it. Manually push the button marked “PLAY”.
3. Activate the Capability Switch and the cassette player will turn ON
activate it a second time to STOP the TAPE.
Problem: The CD does not function.
Check batteries for polarity placement and be sure to use fresh batteries.
Keep mobile phones and other electrical appliances far away from the
unit. Such appliances may cause noise interference or play may stop
Be sure the FUNCTION button is set to “CD”.
Make sure you only have one switch connected to the CD Boom Box at a
Problem: The cassette recorder is operating but there is no sound.
Be sure the VOLUME control button is adjusted to an audible listening
Problem: The Radio/Tape player does not function.
Be sure the FUNCTION button is set to RADIO/TAPE. If the radio still
doesn’t function, check that the Channel Tuning button is in the desired
position for reception. If the cassette player still does not work, be sure
the PAUSE button is not depressed (in the down position). If it is, press it
again and it will be in the “up”posittion. The tape will resume playing.
• Make sure you only have one switch connected to the CD Boom Box at a
Rev 1/25/17
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