Enabling Devices 5943 CD Boom Box Control Center Manual

Enabling Devices 5943 CD Boom Box Control Center Manual
CD Boom Box Control Center #5943
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Easy controls!
A fantastic tabletop CD Boom Box player is now available for all
users including the visually impaired, blind and people who have
limited mobility. We’ve adapted the Control Center with seven 2½"
switches for easy access. The switches control on/off, volume,
forward and backward, play and pause, and stop. All seven switches
work for the CD function. On/off and volume control buttons work for
the radio and tape functions. Forward and backward buttons work
with the radio if you program preset radio stations. Center also has a
jack for your headphones or ear buds. Size: 17"L x 11"W x 6"H.
Requires 6 C Batteries. Weight: 7 lbs.
1. The CD Control Center requires 6 C batteries (Not included). Use
alkaline batteries only (e.g. Duracell or Energizer brand). Do not
use rechargeable batteries or any other type of batteries
because they supply lower voltage and the unit will not perform
properly. Never mix old and new batteries together or different
brands or types together.
2. Battery installation: Locate the battery compartment on the
bottom of the unit. Slide the battery cover off. Install 6 new “C”
batteries. Replace cover.
3. CD Control: This CD Control Center has been adapted with large
activation switches for easy access to the CD players controls.
The user can be in command of the tracks forward and
backwards of his chosen album, control of the volume up and
down, play/pause, off and stop.
4. Radio Control: The radio control is different than controlling the
CD portion. Using the radio sector button, choose either AM or
FM band. The big power ON/OFF button will turn the Radio ON or
OFF with each switch activation. The Volume controls will work
normally + or – volume level. If you program preset radio stations
into the boom box (Please
Please reference the included original
Sony instruction guide for programing and additional
features using the big Track Forward or Track Back buttons will
let the user move through their preset stations. Please Note:
Play/Pause and Stop buttons will have no function for controlling
the Radio and Tape portion of the boom box.
5. Tape Control: Press the “TAPE” button. Next press the
STOP/EJECT button to open the cassette tape compartment.
Insert your audio tape with the open edge facing up and the side
you want to play facing you. Push the cassette door to close it.
Manually push the button marked “PLAY”. To Stop or Start your
tape press the Power/ON/OFF button. Volume control will also
work from the big buttons. Track Forward, Track Back and Stop
will not function in the TAPE mode.
Problem: The CD Control Center does not work.
Action #1: Check all connections, and ON/OFF switches
Action #2: Make sure you have removed the cardboard insert from
inside the CD tray.
Action #3: Make sure that there is nothing inhibiting the depression
of the control switches or holding any of the control switches down.
Care & Maintenance:
1. Keep the CD Control Center clean by wiping it with a slightly
damp cloth when needed.
2. Keep the CD Control Center out of direct sunlight and away from
any direct heat source.
3. Do not drop the CD Control Center on a hard surface and do not
Rev 5/31/1
expose it to moisture or immerse it in water.
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