Enabling Devices 696 User manual

Enabling Devices 696 User manual
Glitter Roll Music Base/Switch #696
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Encourages reaching and swiping!
This innovative switch provides hours of multi-sensory stimulation
with its roller action and built-in music box. The clear, cylindrical
roller contains a potpourri of sparkling shapes. Roll it to activate the
music base. Can also be used as an external capability switch
without music when connected to a device. Size: 14"L x 7"W x 5"H.
Requires 2 AA Batteries. Weight: 1¾ lbs.
1. The Glitter Roll Music Box/Switch requires two AA batteries.
Alkaline batteries are recommended because they last longer.
Do not use rechargeable batteries because they supply lower
voltage and the unit may not perform as well. The battery
compartment is located in the bottom of the unit. When installing
new batteries, always be careful to observe battery polarity.
Problem: Music becomes slow or distorted.
Action: Replace batteries.
Problem: The toy or device, which is connected to the Glitter Roll
Music Box/Switch, does not activate.
Action: Replace batteries.
Action: Check or replace adaptor (if applicable).
Problem: Cylinder does not turn properly.
Action: Make sure the cylinder is set in the mold correctly and that
nothing is caught between the cylinder and the mirror.
2. The Glitter Roll Music Box/Switch can be connected to any toy or
device via the 1/8-inch jack, which is located to the left on the
front of the unit. The Glitter Roll Music Box/Switch #696 comes
with a 1/8- to 1/8-inch connector cord for activating toys or
devices with 1/8-inch jacks. If you need to use a 1/4-to 1/8inch adapter, it must be a mono adapter, not stereo.
Problem: Cylinder squeaks or moves slowly.
Action: Place a drop of oil on the aluminum rod beside the end-caps.
3. The glitter cylinder must be turned continuously in order to
activate the music or a toy/device. After the cylinder stops
turning, the music or toy will continue to be activated for a couple
of seconds, before shutting off.
Rev 2/3/1
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