Mi-T-M EMF Bracket Retrofit for New Style Magnetron Owner Manual

Mi-T-M EMF Bracket Retrofit for New Style Magnetron Owner Manual
HSP Series EMF System
Ignition Coil Assembly
#850-0161 & #850-0191
Service Bulletin
When installing the 850-0161 ignition coil (Ref. #1) or 850-0191 ignition coil (Ref . #2) to the EMF System you will
need to make sure the coil is installed properly. If the mounting flange is rotated 180 degrees from what is shown
in the picture below no voltage will be present. Thus causing a lack of spark.
Ref. #1
#850-0161 Ignition Coil
For HSP-2003 and HSP-2403 Models
“This Side
Ignition Coil
When ignition coil (A) is mounted correctly you can read “this side out”.
Coil to magnet gap = .010 inch.
WARNING: This product can expose you to
chemicals including Lead, which is known to
the State of California to cause cancer and birth
defects or other reproductive harm. For more
information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
facing out
Ignition Coil
Ref. #3
#850-0191 Ignition Coil
For HSP-3003, HSP-3004
and HSP-3504 Models
When the ignition coil (A) is installed correctly, the wording “this side out” will actually be facing in, towards the
machine. The front side of the coil, which will be facing out towards you, will read 'CYL. SIDE'.
Coil to magnet gap = .010 inch.
When installing the coil remove the complete EMF and see additional instructions for drilling 21⁄8" hole for coil wires
to exit the blower housing.
The magnetron found on your machine (Figure 1) has been discontinued by the manufacturer. A new style (Figure 2) will
supersede the discontinued version. The physical differences in wire location may lead to excessive wear. This retrofit
allows the wire to go through the EMF housing without interference.
Figure 1 (Old Style Magnetron)
Figure 2 (New Style Magnetron)
Retrofitting Instructions
1. Remove the fuel pump and EMF assemblies in
order to access the EMF housing (Item #5).
2. Place the drill hole pattern (Figure 5, back page) on
the inside of the EMF housing, and drill the three
holes indicated in Figure 3.
3. Insert the plastic bushings (Item # 1) into the large
holes on the cover plate adapter.
4. Install the cover plate adapter (Item #2) on the
outside of the EMF housing. Attach using two bolts
(Item #6), two lock washers (Item #3), and two nuts
(Item #4). Do not tighten. (Figure 4)
5. Feed the wires from the new magnetron through
the plastic bushings and reinstall the hub.
6. The plate has slots to allow vertical movement.
Position the plate so that the wires travel freely
through the plastic bushings. Tighten the nuts and Figure 3 (Hole Location Drawing)
bolts, securing the plate in place.
7. Retrofit is complete, reassemble as necessary.
Figure 4 (Assembly Drawing)
Figure 5 (Drill Hole Pattern)
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