Mircom LT-9282 Installation guide

Mircom LT-9282 Installation guide
LT-9282 Installation Instructions for RPL-MC-009
LT-9282 Installation Instructions for RPL-MC-009
For ideal sound quality on the TX3 Touch Screen, the microphone must be positioned correctly. The RPL-MC009 kit along with the GK-017 gasket (see LT-9281) help ensure the proper placement for the microphone.
To install the RPL-MC-009 kit, perform the following steps.
1. Open the TX3 Touch Screen chassis.
2. Shut down the TX3 Touch Screen.
3. Open the housing for the touch screen.
4. Uninstall the current microphone by performing the following steps.
a. Unscrew the nut securing the current microphone bracket.
b. Disconnect the terminal block from the circuit board.
5. Using the nut that you removed in step 4a, secure the RPL-MC-009 microphone bracket to the touch
screen housing.
6. Connect the terminal block of the RPL-MC-009 to the circuit board.
LT-9282 Installation Instructions for RPL-MC-009
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