Horstmann ThermoPlus PRT1 User guide

Horstmann ThermoPlus PRT1 User guide
The Horstmann ThermoPlus controller fitted to your new heating
system is designed to provide an economical but comfortable
pattern of heating while also being very easy to use.
The controller contains a heating pattern that has already been set
up for you by the installer and the built-in clock will automatically
switch between the preset Warm and Cool periods as well as
adjusting itself for Summer and Winter time.
You can change the room temperature by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-’
buttons. You can switch between warm or cool by pressing the
round middle button. The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons only work in the warm
mode which is when red lights are on. All the buttons can be used
as often as you like and you will not damage the controller or your
heating system. Please see reverse for full user instructions
To increase warm
setting press
To switch between
warm and cool
To decrease the
warm setting press
Please see reverse for full user instructions
Leaflet No P82323 Issue 3
Using the Horstmann ThermoPlus
room thermostat
User operations
Warm is shown by red lights (6) and Cool is shown by a blue light
(5). The centre button (3) marked ‘Warm/Cool’ allows you to
toggle between warm and cool settings.
When one or more red lights are on, you can increase the
temperature by pressing the ‘+’ button (1). For example, press once
to go up by 1 degree C, or press twice to go up by 2 degrees C.
When the two or three red lights are on, the temperature can also
be lowered to the centre position by using the ‘-’ button (2). For
example, press once to go down to the central temperature and
press again to go down to one degree below central temperature.
The blue light means the unit is working to the lower temperature
and the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons do not work when this blue light is on.
Under the flap (7) is a blue button (4). During the summer, or
when you want your central heating off for long periods, for
example if you go on holiday, press the blue button and close the
flap. When you want to go back to normal operation, open the flap
and press the blue button again, remembering to close the flap
once finished.
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