Aquatic 35RKWH Installation guide

Aquatic 35RKWH Installation guide
Tub and Shower Repair Kit
Contents of box: Gelcoat Putty, Hardener, Applicator stick, Sand рарег# 400 & #600
grit, Polishing compound and Alcohol wipe.
Fiberglass Chip & Gouge Repair Made Easy!
Enlarge chip or gouge Apply mixture to
to a depth of at least | damaged area with
1/16” by sanding with _- wooden tool. Slightly
the edge of a file, overfill crack to allow
folded sand peer or for shrinkage.
grinding tool. Remove
all loose material. > Approximate working
— time 15-20 minutes.
Wait 1-3 hours or until
material hardens. Start
wet sanding with 400
rit moving to 600 grit
make sure to kee
sandpaper wet). The
repair needs to be the
same level as the
surrounding area.
Make sure surroundin 2
area Is clean. Wipe wit
alcohol cloth provided.
| peo
compound provided,
hand polish to blend
3 Remove half a jar of Using the
Gel-Paste (approx. 1/2
ounce) with wooden tool.
PAT Add 4-6 drops of repaired area. Sit
hardener. Mix together on back and enjoy a job
a scrap of cardboard. If well done.
temp. is over 80 F, lessen _
— amountof hardener. EEE
1 Kit Covers 1.5 SQ FT or 216 SQ IN
NOTE: Temperature must be at least 60 F during entire process.
This kit will repair any GEL-COAT tub, BUT MAY NOT MATCH ALL OFF —WHITES
For Questions about this repair kit, CALL GCP @ 800-825-0747.
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