Ames 1825200 14-Tine Bow Lawn Rake Use and Care Manual

Ames 1825200 14-Tine Bow Lawn Rake Use and Care Manual
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There are several different types of rakes available for your yard
and each one has a different purpose. Having the right tool for
the job is important because it not only makes the work easier
but also helps preserve your tools. Following is a summary of leaf,
lawn, garden and shrub rakes and what the general purposes are
for each type.
Garden / Bow Rake
A garden or bow rake is really quite different than both a lawn or leaf rake. A
garden rake is used for moving and leveling soil, seeding, and spreading
mulch. As such a garden rake has fewer prongs on the head (typically 14 or
16) and the head is wider. The flat back of the head makes it easier to achieve
a level surface. Garden rakes need to be sturdy and are generally the
toughest and heaviest of all the rakes mentioned above. Larger versions of
garden rakes are known as landscaping rakes.
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