WaterWarden WWDG Installation guide

WaterWarden WWDG Installation guide
WaterWarden Drill Guide instructions
Read through Basic Installation instructions to understand the general method
used to install your safety pool fence. Mark with chalk all the holes for each
section before you drill.
1. Measure and drill initial hole as described in Basic Installation instructions. Continue to measure and
mark the spots for drilling, allowing 36” from center of hole to center of hole. At the end of each
fence section, measure 2” from center of last hole for beginning hole of new section. When marking
the holes around a curved run of fencing, the holes should be drilled ¼” closer on the outside curve,
and ¼” further apart on the inside curve, to ensure there will be no slack in the fence and that the fence
material is pulled tightly.
2. Angle the drilling of the holes in the following manner. Use a square and level or drilling guide
(available for rental from dealer where fence was purchased) to drill the holes that have been marked.
(This method of drilling ensures that the fence will be pulled tight when inserted into the feet.)
• Holes for a straight run of fencing should be drilled at a 90º angle to the deck
• Holes for an outside curve should be angled 2º to 3º away from the pool. Very tight curves may
require an angle of up to 4º.
• Holes on the inside curve of the pool should be angled 2º to 3º toward the pool. Very tight curves
may require an angle of up to 4º. See (Fig. 6) below.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 around perimeter of pool. Always check to make sure your marks are 24”
from pool edge, and that you have correctly angled the drill, before drilling.
4. To avoid this measuring of angles and distances, you may consider surrounding your curved pool
with a rectangular installation design.
Illustration of Pole Angles for Curved or Free Form Pools:
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