Van Zyverden 83610 Color Your Garden Green Collection Bulbs (10-Set) Use and Care Manual

Van Zyverden 83610 Color Your Garden Green  Collection  Bulbs (10-Set) Use and Care Manual
Van Zyverden’s
Cinnamon fern (Osmunda cinnamomea) is a Missouri
native and is a recommended fern variety by professional
landscapers. While non-flowering, they are grown for their
green deciduous fronds that provide dramatic effect.
The familiar “fiddleheads” emerge from the base of the plant
and unfurl into large, erect, yellowish-green, sterile fronds
that remain attractive throughout summer. The common name
of this plant is in reference to the cinnamon colored fibers
found near the frond base. Fun fact: Osmunda fiber used in
the potting of orchids comes from the roots of these ferns.
Plant woodland plants
to assure their survival
Perfect companion
for our Trilliums
and Virginia Bluebells
Tolerates heavy shade
About This Variety: Excellent selection for wet areas along ponds, streams, water gardens or bogs.
Also grows well in shaded borders, woodland gardens, wild gardens or native plant gardens.
Growing Instructions: Part shade to full shade is preferred. Regular watering and a layer of mulch are beneficial.
Care Tip: Equally happy in average or moist soil; Cinnamon Fern will grow in sun with constant moisture.
Not fussy, it adapts well to less than ideal conditions. Cut back fronds as they die out in hot summers.
Exposure: Partial shade
Height: Grows 36-48” tall
Spacing: Plant 18-24” apart,
Hardy in: USDA zones 3-9
Guaranteed to grow 1 year from purchase
if directions are followed. Any concerns related
to quality and/or counts feel free to contact us.
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