Century NSP-3 / NSP-3A Dry Cell Battery Owner's manual

Century NSP-3 / NSP-3A Dry Cell Battery Owner's manual
Illustration #1
This battery is designed to fit and power
the NSP-3 and NSP-3A night vision sights.
This battery will provide a nominal 4.5v
and supply a run time of up to 3 hours of
continuous use. All NSP-3 / NSP-3A batteries are supplied fully charged before
shipment so that you have power right
from the moment you receive your new
Illustration #2
Alternatively, these batteries can be
charged by soldering wires with
crocodile clips at one end to the
charging contacts (see photo below)
on any battery charger designed for
use with NiMH cells. Using this
method charging can take longer as
the current is pre-set by the charger
To recharge the NSP-3 / NSP-3A
battery, we recommend the use of
a programmable charger such as
the one shown in the photo
below as this allows the user full
control of the charging current.
We recommend that these
batteries are charged at a current
of 0.1 amps. A 0.2A charge can be
used as a fast charge but the best
capacity is gained from the 0.1A
charge (actual charging times may
vary depending on charger used).
Illustration #3
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NSP-3 / NSP-3A sights have varying tolerances and a little adjustment of the
sprung contacts in the NSP-3 / NSP-3As
battery compartment may be needed to
maintain good contact. All batteries are
tested for fit and function in several
NSP-3 sights before shipment. As with
all rechargeable batteries, any fully
charged battery left charged and not
used for a period will exhibit a normal
fall in stored voltage. From our tests,
these batteries handle storage and
numerous charging cycles well.
NEVER use a tool to try to lever the
battery out of the battery compartment, doing so will likely result in serious damage to the battery.
To remove the battery from the scopes
housing gently thump your rifle stock on
the floor while holding your hand below
the battery housing to catch the battery
as it falls free.
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