NXR EH3019 User guide

NXR EH3019 User guide
Use and Care Information
Read and understand all instructions and warnings in this manual before operating the
appliance. Save these instructions for future reference.
Always leave safety grills and filters in place. Without these components, operating
blowers could catch on to hair, finger and loose clothing.
NEVER dispose cigarette ashes, ignitable substances, or any foreign objects into blowers.
NEVER leave cooking unattended. When frying, oil in the pan can easily overheat and
catch fire. The risk of self combustion is higher when the oil has been used several times.
NEVER cook on “open” flames under the range hood. Check deep-fryers during
use: Superheated oil may be flammable.
The saturation of greasy residue in the blower and filters may cause increased
inflammability. Keep unit clean and free of grease and residue built up at all times to
prevent possible fires.
Filters must be cleaned periodically and free from accumulation of cooking residue. Old
and worn filters must be replaced immediately.
DO NOT operate blowers when filters are removed. Never disassemble parts to clean
without proper instructions. Disassembly is recommended to be performed by qualified
personnel only. Read and understand all instructions and warnings in this manual before
Body Design
Stainless Steel,Satin Finish
Power Rating
120V/60Hz(USA&Canada standard)
Motor Input Power
Levels Of Speed
3 Levels
Noise Level(Q/L/M/H)
1.4sone(45dB) / 3.5sone(58dB) / 7.0sone(68dB) /
Number Of Motors
Twin Motor
Motor Type
Dual Chamber Ultra Quiet
Fan Type
Dual Centrifugal Squirrel Cage
Control Type
Electronic Button Control Panel
Filtration Type
Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
SAFETY WARNING: Never put your hand into area housing the fan while the fan is
For optimal operation, clean range hood and all baffle / spacer / filter / grease tunnel / oil
container regularly / Regular care will help preserve the appliance of the range hood.
Cleaning Exterior surfaces:
Clean periodically with hot soapy and clean cotton cloth. DO NOT use corrosive or
abrasive detergent, or steel wool/scoring pads, which will scratch and damage the
stainless steel surface. For heavier soil use liquid degrease such as “Forumla 409" or
“Fantastic” brand cleaner.
If hood looks splotchy (stainless steel hood), use a stainless steel cleaner to clean the
surface of the hood. Avoid getting cleaning solution onto or into the control panel. Follow
directions of the stainless steel cleaner.
CAUTION: DO NOT leave on too long as this may cause damage to hood finish.
Use soft towel to wipe off the cleaning solution, gently rub off any stubborn spots. Use dry
towel to dry the hood.
After cleaning, you may use non abrasive stainless steel polish such as SM or ZEP, to
polish and buff out the stainless luster and grain. Always scrub lightly, with clean cotton
cloth, and with the grain.
DO NOT allow deposits to accumulate or remain on the hood.
DO NOT use ordinary steel wool or steel brushes. Small bits of steel may adhere to the
surface and cause rusting.
DO NOT allow salt solutions, disinfectants, bleaches, or cleaning compounds to remain in
contact with stainless steel for extended periods. Many of these compounds contain
chemicals, which may be harmful. Rings with water exposure and wipe dry with a clean
Cleaning Stainless Steel Baffle Filter:
IMPORTANT: Drain oil from baffles, spacers, filters, oil tunnels, oil containers before oil
residue overflow!
Remove all baffles, spacers, filters, grease tunnel, and oil containers and discard oil and
Wash with warm soapy water. NOTE: Stainless steel baffles, spacers and oil tunnel are
top rack dishwasher safe.
Dry thoroughly before replacing and follow directions for installation in reverse.
Filters should be cleaned after every 30 hours of use.
Replacing the light bulb:
This range hood uses halogen bulb
Make sure the range hood is unplugged or turn OFF breaker.
1. Place a flat-head screwdriver between light cover and housing to remove cover.
2. Gently pull defective bulb straight out and discard.
3. Wear a cotton glove or use a cloth to handle the replacement bulb (DO NOT handle
with bare fingers as this may shorten the life of the bulb). Push gently but securely into
light socket. NOTE: DO NOT push too hard as bulb “legs” may break off.
4. Replace light cover.
Turn ON breaker and range hood to rest for operation.
You must present of original purchase date. Please provide an original dated proof of
purchase (sales receipt/invoice) in order to obtain service under warranty.
Manufacture’s Limited Warranty
This Product has been manufactured by Duro Corporation 17018 EVERGREEN PLACE
Duro Corporation disclaims all express warranties except for the following:
This warranty applies to products purchased and located in the United States. Products
purchased or located outside these areas are excluded.
The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from abuse, accident, natural disaster,
loss of electrical power to the product for any reason, alteration, outdoor use, improper
installation, improper operation, or repair or service of the product by anyone other than
an authorized
Duro Corporation service agency or representative.
Warranties and Duration
Full Warranty for Parts&Labor: 1 Year
Implied warranties terminate upon expiration of the limited warranty. Some states do not
allow limitation on how long an implied warranty
lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to your implied warranty.
Duro will pay for:
All repair labor and the cost of replacement parts found to be defective due to materials
and workmanship. Service must be provided by a DURO Authorized Service Agency
during normal working hours. For a Service Agency nearest you, please call
Duro will not pay for:
1. Service by an unauthorized agency. Damage or repairs due to service by an
unauthorized agency or use of unauthorized parts.
2. Service visits to:
a. Teach you how to use the appliance.
b. Correct the installation. You are responsible for providing electrical wiring and other
connecting facilities.
c. Reset circuit breakers or replace home fuses.
3. The warranty does not apply to damage caused from accident, alteration, misuse,
abuse, improper installation or installation not in accordance with local electrical codes or
plumbing codes, or improper storage of the appliance.
4. The warranty does not apply to repairs other than normal home use.
5. Travel or trip fees and associated charges incurred when the product is installed in a
location with limited or restricted access. (i.e.airplane flights, ferry charges, isolated
geographic regions).
The warranty applies to appliances purchased and used by consumers for personal,
family, or household purposes only. It does not cover appliances used in commercial
Should the appliance be sold by the original purchaser during the warranty period, the
warranty extends to the new owner until the expiration date of the expiration date of the
original purchaser’s warranty period.
Duro is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances
will Duro’s liability exceed the cost that you paid for the product. Some provinces / states
do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the
above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that wary
from state to state.
Whenever you call our Customer Service at 1-888-909-8818 for technical information and
parts sales in The United States or to request service for your appliance, please have your
complete model number and serial number ready. The model and serial number can be
found on the product data plate. Please enter the information requested in the spaces
provided below:
Model No.
Serial No.
Date Purchased
Date Installed
Purchased From
NOTE: You must provide proof of purchase or installation date for in-warranty service.
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