Fisher & Paykel RF170ADUSX4 N User manual

Fisher & Paykel RF170ADUSX4 N User manual
 17 cu.ft French Door Refrigerator (ris: door
Fla Wie
Flush with refigerastor chasis
Pia Je a full door rotatson
AFT70ADUXA (loo & Water),
Dimensions © inches
el Coral hiaght of groduct 67° Мы”
[Санта with eof product 31 a”
E Cayorall depth ol proeduci dercl Randle, nel, maporator] E ©
1 inside height al Cavity {fl Ha” fai alt bic ple
Fluth with refrigertor chassis — full door rotation TT |e
fa arpas у НН 33 Tie"
a Mari «eh Jud "a paz
Flush with refrigerator door- full door rotation F
№) aida width | al] vo :
© Inside depth Mush to Mat doce 2714" [T— I
Flush with refrigerator door - 80° rotation |
de die itd == Pa” Plan Vie
DO Meldo depin lush to Mat docs ara = — a =F o CU LED
Minimum clearances Front View Profile View o |
ix) Side clearance ig” o +" —# -©
Lt) Side clewranishings vide Rusk with door Рай rotation sw
Hi Hde clesrance=hinge sice fus with deso «307 rétatron ВЕ a т —
O Vers (aba pelrigerabor cabaret or amind top ef cuir) yA
E) Door clanranco - MAGO se Mush with chassis All rotation Face h
№ Door cdesdránoa= hinge side Flush wilh econ Full robaba Bin =
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