Fisher & Paykel RF201ADUSX5 N null

Fisher & Paykel RF201ADUSX5 N null
 20.1 cu.ft French Door Refrigerator Fi: doo
Plan View
Model no: Flush with refrigerator chassis
RF201ADUSXS (ice & Water),
Dimensions inches
@ Overall height of product — 70%”
@) Overall width of product 35."
[О Overall depth of product (excl. handles, incl. evaporator) 274" ® ©
Cabinetry dimensions Plan View
® Insiche height of cavity nu Le Flush with refrigerator door
Flush with refrigerator chassis = full door rotation
© inside width 4646
© inside depth 27%"
Flush with refrigerator door -full door rotation ol lo Е
1) inside width 44%"
® inside depth flush to flat door 274 4
Flush with refrigerator door -90° rotation
(0) inside width ab“ | | Pian View
© inside depth flush to fiat door 27%" = — as o de riales a door
Minimum clearances Front View Profile View o
©) Side clearance mr" © ©
© Side clearance- Mush with doar - full rotation — 5“
Side clesrance-flush with door-90* rotation 3" o
© Rear clearance (incl. rear compartment) 4
© Vent (above refrigertor cabiret or around top of cupboard) A
©) Door clearance - hinge side Aush with chass=- full rotation — |
@ Door clearance - hinge side Mush with door -full rotation 9a" |
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