Whirlpool WRF550CDHZ User manual

Whirlpool WRF550CDHZ User manual
Electrical Requirements: A 115-volt, 60-Hz,
AC-only, 15- or 20-amp fused, grounded electrical
supply is required. It is recommended that a
separate circuit serving only your refrigerator be
provided. Use an outlet that cannot be turned
off by a switch. Do not use an extension cord.
NOTE: Before performing any type of installation,
cleaning, or removing a light bulb, turn the control
(Thermostat, Refrigerator or Freezer control
depending on the model) to OFF and then
disconnect the refrigerator from the electrical
source. When you are finished, reconnect the
refrigerator to the electrical source and reset the
control (Thermostat, Refrigerator or Freezer
control depending on the model) to the desired
Water Supply Requirements: A cold water supply
with water pressure of between 35 and 120 psi
(241 and 827 kPa) is required to operate the water
dispenser and ice maker. If you have questions
about your water pressure, call a licensed,
qualified plumber.
IMPORTANT: The pressure of the water coming
out of a reverse osmosis system going to the
water inlet valve of the refrigerator needs to be
between 35 and 120 psi (241 and 827 kPa).
If a reverse osmosis water filtration system is
connected to your cold water supply, the water
pressure to the system needs to be a minimum of
approximately 40 to 60 psi (276 to 414 kPa).
Bottom Mount Refrigerator
Na À
° af
| —
— “че
. ; | | D
(including —-— overall
C =
cabinet `
Depth Depth
(incl. handle) | (excl. handle) | Cab. Height | Overall Height | Cab. Width
Model # "A" "В" "С" "D" "e"
о 00 30-1/4" 28-7/8" 68-5/8" 70-1/8" 35-5/8"
(76.8 cm) (73.3 cm) (174.3 cm) (178.1 cm) (90.5 cm)
WRF550CDHZ 30-1/4" LIL+7/8" 68-5/8" 70-1/8" 35-5/8"
(76.8 cm) (70.8 cm) (174.3 cm) (178.1 cm) (90.5 cm)
1%" (1.3 cm)
|| Lal
33%" (9.5 ст) =
To ensure proper ventilation for your refrigerator,
allow for a 1/2" (1.3 cm) space at the top and behind
the refrigerator. If your refrigerator has an ice maker,
allow extra space at the back for the water line
connections. When installing your refrigerator next to
a fixed wall, leave 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) minimum space
between the refrigerator and wall to allow the door to
swing open.
NOTE: It is recommended that you do not install the
refrigerator near an oven, radiator, or other heat
source. Do not install the refrigerator in a location
where the temperature will fall below 55°F (13°C).
Because Whirlpool Corporation policy includes a continuous commitment to improve
our products, we reserve the right to change materials and specifications without notice.
Dimensions are for planning purposes only. For complete details, see Installation
Instructions packed with product. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Ref. W10215185
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