Ladder Tool Bin LTB-1317 Installation guide

Ladder Tool Bin LTB-1317 Installation guide
The Amazing Ladder Tool Bin
Purchase ladder
and tools separately.
Organize for
“Take your Tools to a
Back View
The Built-in Handle
makes transport easy.
Hold Tools and Other
Large Objects Securely
in the two Tool-Chambers,
each 4" x 8" x 8" deep.
Safely Secure the
Tool Bin to the Ladder
with the provided
9ʺ safety bolt and
locking nylon wing-nut.
Attach to
most standard
Fits ladder top sizes ranging from
5½" to 7" X 13" to 14½"
Purchase ladder and
tools separately.
For more information visit
Made of reinforced, high
density, non-conductive,
UV protected, safety
orange polypropylene.
Light, durable and nearly
as strong as steel.
Used by:
• Homeowners
• Carpenters
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Painters
• Auto Mechanics
• Detailers
• Artists
• And More!
Flat Parts-Tray,
1-1/2" Deep,
makes it easy
to quickly locate
and pick up
small items.
Install the
Tool Bin
with the hex
head retainer
and 3 hole
Paint Can Holder
should accept
most 1-gallon
paint cans; snug
enough to avoid
accidental spills!
Convenient Storage!
Optimal Balance!
The Ladder Tool Bin
can remain attached to
a folding ladder.
(Follow the warning
The Ladder Tool Bin
attaches to the ladder
at it's center of gravity
for safe and equal
weight distribution.
• Orientation of Ladder Tool Bin is based on verbiage legibility and the handle opening facing the back of the step ladder.
• Do not expose the Ladder Tool Bin to temperatures exceeding 210º F.
U.S. Patent No. D838387
Thank you for trusting your hard work to the Tool Bin Man and the Ladder Tool Bin!
Ladder Tool Bin, a product of DeMore’s Innovative Design, Inc. U.S. Patent No. D838387
200324 Copyright © 2020 DeMore's Innovative Design, Inc., Milwaukee, WI. All Rights Reserved.
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