MMI DOOR ZL364537, ZL341680, ZL356260, ZL364566, ZL09538, ZL364535, ZL341681, ZL09515, ZL364532, ZL09548 User guide

MMI DOOR ZL364537, ZL341680, ZL356260, ZL364566, ZL09538, ZL364535, ZL341681, ZL09515, ZL364532, ZL09548 User guide
Use and Care of Interior Doors
The care and finishing of your new MMI DOOR interior doors should be taken very seriously.
Though these suggestions may sound basic, most damage to interior doors is caused by
improper, careless handling.
· Wood doors should be treated like fine wood furniture.
Doors stored for more than a few days should have the top and bottom rails sealed.
Do not drag doors or walk on them.
Single door slabs (not pre-hung doors) should be laid flat on a dry, clean surface.
· Do not subject them to extreme or rapid changes in humidity or heat.
Proper care and finishing are very important to gain the maximum benefits from your
interior doors. If done right, a correctly applied finish will help you achieve a longer lasting
higher quality product that exceeds your aesthetic and operational expectations. Below are
a few key points everyone should know when it comes to the care and finishing of interior
· All doors have six sides - not two, not four, but six – front, back, two edges, plus the
most ignored and most vulnerable, the top and bottom. Failure to finish all six
surfaces uniformly is the number one cause of door failures.
· No finishing process exists today that completely eliminates the transmission of
water vapor or moisture into and out of wood doors. The key to proper finishing is to
slow down the transmission process so the door performs within tolerances.
Sanding is a critical component of any finishing process. All doors may have visible
and invisible blemishes from handling or other natural occurring characteristics.
Sanding techniques vary by door type and must be followed to achieve a quality
Natural wood doors (pine, poplar, oak, etc.) contain color, tone and graining
variations that occur in the natural process. Application of a pre-stain wood
conditioner promotes a uniform appearance and minimizes sharp color contrasts.
Carefully follow manufacturer's instructions for wood conditioner application.
· Oil based products are recommended for interior wood veneered doors. Water
based products can raise the grain and cause multiple moisture related problems.
Latex or oil-based paint is suitable for interior molded doors.
Interior doors are produced to exacting standards, regardless of the manufacturer. Based
on decades of superior performance, we warrant our interior doors from defects in material
or workmanship for a period of 5 years when they are:
· Properly installed
· Properly finished (paint or stain)
· Properly cared for and maintained
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