Schluter DITRA150 Specification

Schluter DITRA150 Specification
Ensure the lasting beauty
of your tiled floor
Made for TILE
The timeless beauty of ceramic and stone tiles has
become a major trend in the design industry, and a
must-have for many homeowners. From large-format
tiles to complex mosaics, tiles come in an endless
array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to provide
a floor covering of choice.
Protect your investment, and ensure your tiled floor
is installed with the right foundation first. With DITRA,
you can prevent cracking, delamination, and moisture
damage and enjoy the lasting benefits and beauty of
your new tiled floor.
For more than 25 years, DITRA
has been used in some of the
most challenging installations in
the industry—bring this same
reliability into your home, and see
why successful tiled floors start
with DITRA.
Tiled floors that last a lifetime
Ceramic and stone tiles combine elegance, durability,
and easy-maintenance which make them a highly
sought after floor covering. Perfect for bathrooms,
kitchens, and floors throughout your home, tiles are
allergen-free and come in a vast selection of colors,
sizes, and textures to enhance any décor.
When properly installed, a tiled floor is practically
indestructible. The major cause of damage in tiled
floors are a result of movement stresses and water
penetration, which can cause cracking of the tile
or grout, delamination of the tiled surface, or even
mold growth.
Preventing your tiled floor from damage starts before
the first tile is installed. DITRA is a membrane that is
placed between your tile and your subfloor, preventing
stresses from being transferred directly to the tile and
causing cracking or delamination of the tiled surface.
In addition, DITRA is waterproof to prevent subfloor
damage in the event of a water leak.
The benefits of DITRA
Prevents tiles from cracking
DITRA features an open-rib structure which allows
the subfloor and the tile to move independently,
eliminating movement stresses and preventing
cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface.
Waterproof protection
DITRA is made of polyethylene, which provides
waterproofing and protects floors from moisture
damage. This is a critical component in preventing
mold and mildew, especially in wet areas.
Vapor control
Vapor is naturally released from your subfloor, and
can travel up towards your tile covering to cause
damage. DITRA’s configured channels create a free
space to allow excess moisture to escape.
Heavy load support
Column-like mortar structures are formed in DITRA’s
cutback cavities, providing load distribution. Adequate
support for heavy loads is an integral component to
tiled floors, ensuring the finished result lasts a lifetime.
Voted Most Preferred Brand of
Crack Isolation Products
Tile & Stone Installation
Contractor CLEAReport Award
Schluter®-Systems has
received five consecutive
CLEARselect awards for
Most Preferred Brand of
Crack Isolation Products
in 2007, 2009, 2011,
2013, 2015 and 2017.
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*Applicable when used as a Thin-Set System.
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DITRA-HEAT combines electric floor heating with the same
functions and benefits of DITRA to provide tiled floors that
are as warm and comfortable as they are durable.
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