Hardwood Reflections HDBBDWAL25-50, 1525HDBW-120, HDBBDWAL39-74, HDBBDWAL25-74, 153974HDBW-74 User manual

Hardwood Reflections HDBBDWAL25-50, 1525HDBW-120, HDBBDWAL39-74, HDBBDWAL25-74, 153974HDBW-74 User manual
European Walnut
Congratulations on
purchasing a European
Walnut countertop known
as one of the world’s finest
woods. With the proper
treatment it will look great
for years to come.
European Walnut is a
slow growth, closed grain
hardwood harvested
in areas of Eastern and
Southeastern Europe.
It is a durable hardwood with
similar looks and physical
qualities as English Walnut
and French Walnut. European Walnut is known
to produce good results
with machine tools, sanding,
and finishing. As a product
of nature it will display
characteristics that are
unique to each piece.
U s e & C a r e i n s t r uc t i o n s :
The butcher block MUST be sealed or finished on
all surfaces within TWO (2) to FOUR (4) hours of
removing shrink wrap.
When sealing with mineral oil or conditioner,
apply an even, liberal coat of conditioner on all
surfaces and let absorb for approximately 20
minutes. Wipe off any excess with clean towel. Re-apply as necessary.
If you are staining your block, we recommend
Hardwood Reflections stain and clear topcoat. Make sure to stain before using any other
finishing product.
There are several other options for finishing your
butcher block – please see a paint sales specialist
for more information.
If you notice any grain raise with oil or other
sealants, you can lightly sand the top with fine
grit sand paper.
General use and cleaning of this top will require
frequent application of conditioner or mineral oil
to extend the life of the product. Frequency may
range from every few weeks to every few months.
If finished properly, this surface can be used
for food prep; however, we recommend that a
cutting board or mat be used to preserve the life
and look of the block.
Always clean your work top surface before and
after each use.
For more information visit www.HardwoodReflections.com
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