BLACK DECKER BCRK25B 2.5 cu. ft. Mini Fridge in Black Installation Guide

BLACK DECKER BCRK25B 2.5 cu. ft. Mini Fridge in Black Installation Guide
1. Unpack your refrigerator by removing all packaging materials like carton, base,
foams, adhesive tape, etc.
2. Remove all accessories, internal packaging material used to hold shelves, ice tray,
etc. in place.
3. Clean the remains of all adhesive tape used and remove all printed material
4. Install the refrigerator in a convenient location away from extreme heat and cold.
Allow sufficient clearance between the refrigerator and side wall so the door(s)
will open without obstruction. Refrigerator is not designed for recessed
5. The floor on which the refrigerator should be placed must be flat, hard, solid, and
even. The refrigerator should not be placed on any soft material such as foam,
plastic, etc.
6. To level your refrigerator, use the two leveling legs located on the bottom front
of your refrigerator. Adjust by turning the legs counter clockwise to raise or
clockwise to lower your refrigerator. The door will close easier if the leveling legs
are extended.
7. The following is the recommended minimum clearance behind the refrigerator for
proper air circulation:
Back: 2” (50mm)
Proper air circulation will help your refrigerator work at maximum efficiency.
NOTE: · The appliance must be correctly connected to the power supply.
Care should be taken during the handling moving and use of the freezer to avoid
damaging the refrigerant tubing or increasing the risk of a leak
It is important to keep the power cord away from the compressor at the
back of the refrigerator as during operation, the compressor can reach a high
temperature and could cause serious damage to the power cord.
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