Commercial Electric B217FW002, 217F WH User manual

Commercial Electric B217FW002, 217F WH User manual
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Use and Care Guide
Dual Phone/Coaxial Wall Plate
1. Remove the old wall plate from the wall
outlet box.
2. If necessary, trim the cable jacket back
about 2 in., being careful not to nick any
wires inside.
3. If necessary, strip about ½ in. of
insulation off of each wire.
4. For the phone line connections, attach
the four color coded wires from the
phone line cord to the corresponding
color wire terminals on the back of the
new wall jack. For example, connect
green to green, yellow to yellow, red to
red, and black to black. Retighten the
screws (1) to secure the wire connections
5. For the Coaxial connection, connect the
coaxial cable to the “F” connector (2) on
the back of the new wall plate.
6. Attach the wall plate to the wall using the
two screws (AA) located on the back of
the wall plate.
Please contact 1-877-527-0313 for further assistance.
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