PRO-LAB PE111 User manual

PRO-LAB PE111 User manual
The PRO-LAB" Pesticides in Water Test Kit (patented) contains everything you need to find out if your water
contains unsafe levels of the most commonly used pesticides atrazine and simazine. Each test is calibrated to
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Maximum Contaminant Level for atrazine 3ppb (parts per billion) and
simazine 4ppb (parts per billion).
Note: Read all directions before starting the test. Do not use on hot water. Do not open the foil pouch until
immediately prior to use, exposure to air damages the unused test. Do not re-use any part of the test kit.
1. Open the foil pouch and take out all of the contents. Each test kit contains one (1) pesticide test strip, one
(1) sample vial, and one (1) pipette/dropper, as well as a desiccant packet that preserves the test strip.
The desiccant should be discarded once the foil pouch is opened.
2. Using the pipette/eyedropper, place five drops of the water sample you are testing into the sample vial.
Then place the vial on a flat surface.
3. Place the pesticide test strip into the sample vial with the arrows pointing down for exactly ten (10) minutes.
Do not disturb the test strip or vial during this time. Blue lines will start to appear on the test strip, indicating
that the test is working.
4. Take the test strip out of the vial and read the results exactly at the end of the ten (10) minute period.
Results may change after the initial ten (10) minutes.
Results are determined by comparing the darkness of the two (2) blue lines on the test strip.
Negative Results: If the bottom line (next to number 1) is darker than the top line (next to number 2).
Positive Results: If the top line (next to number 2) is darker than the bottom line (next to number 1)or lines are
equally dark.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you only see one line, next to number 1, the test is negative. If no lines appear, or both lines
are very light, the test did not run properly and the result is invalid.
Negative: If the results of the test is NEGATIVE, your water sample contains 2ppb (parts per billion) or less of
atrazine, or 3ppb (parts per billion) or less of simazine.
Positive: If the result of the test is POSITIVE, your water sample contains 3ppb (parts per billion) or more of
atrazine, or 4ppb (parts per billion) or more of simazine. If your test strip shows a positive result, your water
sample may contain pesticides at at toxic level. Drinking water contaminated with atrazine or simazine at these
levels may be dangerous to your health. Take the appropriate action.
Pesticide testing should be conducted a least annually or whenever you suspect a potential contamination.
For questions or more information call 954-384-4446 or visit
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