Reliance Controls LL550C Twist Lock 50-Amp 125/250-Volt Connector Instructions / Assembly

Reliance Controls LL550C Twist Lock 50-Amp 125/250-Volt Connector Instructions / Assembly
Model: LL550C
To prevent electrocution, make certain the cable is not connected to a power source before
Installing the plug or connector.
Failure to comply with the following instructions could cause an accidental failure or fire.
1. Check to see that the rating on the plug or connector is correct for the installation.
2. Select a cable of suitable ampacity, service and temperature rating. The plugs and connectors are
designed for use with rounded jacketed, hard usage cable (S-type), with a diameter from .65 to
1.20 inches, (10-4 AWG). Three-wire devices require a three-conductor cable, and four-wire
devices require a four-conductor cable.
3. Remove the housing by loosening the two screws on the face of the device, and slide it over the
cable. If a weather resistant boot is used, slide this over the cable before the housing. Strip the
cable as shown below (See reverse side for 125/250 volt devices).
Make certain the wire is clean and bright copper color. If necessary, cut back the wire until
clean wire is uncovered. Do not solder the ends of the wires.
4. Insert all the wires into the proper terminal pockets. The green wire must go to the green colored
terminal (also marked "G"). The white wire must go into the white colored terminal (also marked
"W") on those devices where there is a white terminal. The black and red (on 4-wire cables) wires
can go into the terminals marked "X", "Y" or "Z".
On 4-wire devices rated 125/250 volt, note the green and white terminals are next to each
other. It may be necessary to cross the green wire with either the black or the red wire (See
diagram on the reverse side).
5. Tighten the terminal screws to 25 in-lbs torque. Make certain there is no wire insulation clamped
inside any terminal and there are no stray wire strands outside the terminals.
6. Tighten the strain relief screws so the strain relief securely grips the cable jacket.
7. Slide the housing over the plug or connector body and tighten the two assembly screws. Note: A
keyway in the housing and body properly aligns the two parts.
8. If a weather resistant boot is used, slide that over the complete assembly.
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- See reverse side for complete wiring instructions •
1. Strip the jacket from the proper end of the cable.
2. Insert the black and green wires into the "Y" and "G" terminals, and tighten the two terminal
screws. NOTE: The drawing below shows the plug. The "Y" terminal is on the other side on
the connector.
3. Twist the cable as shown and insert the red and white wires into the "X" and "W" terminals.
4. Tighten all the terminal screws to 25 in-lbs torque.
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