Boss B9580BK-BK Installation guide

Boss B9580BK-BK Installation guide
There are no tools required to assemble this chair. Parts are attached MODEL: B9580
by using slide brackets.
Step 1
Slide seat cushion brackets at the same time and evenly into the lower
brackets on the left and right wood frames.
Insert both back cushion brackets into the upper brackets on the left |
and right wood frames and slide them down at the same time and |
evenly until back cushion brackets are no longer visible.
Step 2 |
*If chair doesn’t sit flat, make sure all seat brackets are inserted
step1 step2
f Seat Cushion Back Cushion Arms& Front Legs x 2)
Customer Service Hotline:1-800-593-1888 restera ri
is chair is only intended for sitting.
For further assembly instructions, Any other use will void the warranty.
please visit our website at www. bosschair. com
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