DecoArt ADMG09-98 Americana Decor Maxx Gloss 8 oz. Rain Slicker Paint Use and Care Manual

DecoArt ADMG09-98 Americana Decor Maxx Gloss 8 oz. Rain Slicker Paint Use and Care Manual
Americana Decor Maxx Gloss provides a
revolutionary, superior, high-gloss sheen that
delivers an almost lacquer-like finish. It enables
consumers to create contemporary, sleek, and polished furniture and
home décor accessories. Up until now, this level of gloss finish has
only been available in aerosol spray paints. Maxx Gloss now offers
consumers the ability to add a high-gloss finish with a water-based,
brush-on formula.
White China
Ceramic Tile
Candy Apple
Garnet Stone
Juicy Melon
Orange Slice
Lemon Spritzer
Rain Slicker
Jungle Leaf
Poblano Pepper
Aqua Waters
Caribbean Sea
Blue Crystal
Purple Polish
Light Molasses
Patent Leather
• Highest gloss sheen available in a brush-on paint
• No priming or sanding needed for excellent adhesion on most
smooth, coated surfaces
• Advanced adhesion technology to assure adhesion to almost all
prior finishes
• Full coverage achieved in two coats with most colors
• Intermixable to create custom colors
• Extended open time allows optimum flow and leveling for an
ultra smooth finish
• Durable hard finish which, once fully cured, is highly resistant to
household cleaning chemicals
Computer screens and color printers may affect how colors are displayed.
Colors displayed on the screen and printed colors may not match the paint’s actual color.
• Fade resistant
• Water-based and non-toxic
terra cotta
most plastic
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