LG STUDIO LSMC3086ST, LSMC3086SS User guide

LG STUDIO LSMC3086ST, LSMC3086SS User guide
Check the following list to be sure a service call is
really necessary. A quick reference of this manual as
well as reviewing additional information on items to
check may prevent an unneeded service call.
If nothing on the oven operates:
• check for a blown circuit fuse or a tripped main circuit
• check if oven is properly connected to electric circuit
in house.
• check that controls are set properly.
If the oven interior light does not work
• the light bulb is loose or defective.
If oven will not cook:
• check that control panel was programmed correctly.
• check that door is firmly closed.
• check that Start was pressed.
• c heck that timer wasn’t started instead of a cook function.
If oven takes longer than normal to cook or cooks
too rapidly:
• be sure the Power Level is programmed properly.
If the time of day clock does not always keep
correct time:
• check that the power cord is fully inserted into the
outlet receptacle.
• be sure the oven is the only appliance on the
electrical circuit.
Q. C
an I use a rack in my microwave oven to reheat
or cook on two levels at once?
A. Only use the rack that is supplied with your
microwave oven. Use of any other rack can result
in poor cooking performance and/or arcing and may
damage your oven.
Q. C
an I use either metal or aluminum pans in my
microwave oven?
A. Usable metal includes aluminum foil for shielding
(use small, flat pieces), and shallow foil trays (if
tray is ¾ inch deep and filled with food to absorb
microwave energy). Never allow metal to touch walls
or door.
Q. S
ometimes the door of my microwave oven
appears wavy. Is this normal?
A. This appearance is normal and does not affect the
operation of your oven.
Q. The glass tray does not move.
A. The glass tray is not correctly in place. It should be
correct-side up and sitting firmly on the center hub.
The support is not operating correctly. Remove the
glass tray and restart the oven. Cooking without
the glass tray can give you poor results.
Q. W
hy does the dish become hot when I
microwave food in it? I thought that this should
not happen.
A. As the food becomes hot it will conduct the heat to
the dish. Use hot pads to remove food after cooking.
If food cooks unevenly:
• be sure food is evenly shaped.
• be sure food is completely defrosted before cooking.
• check placement of aluminum foil strips used to
prevent overcooking.
Q. What does standing time mean?
A. Standing time means that food should be taken
out of the oven and covered for additional time after
cooking. This process allows the cooking to finish,
saves energy, and frees the oven for other purposes.
If food is undercooked:
• check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, time,
and power levels) were correctly followed.
• be sure microwave oven is on a separate circuit.
• be sure food is completely defrosted before cooking.
If food is overcooked:
• check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, power
level, time, size of dish) were followed.
If arcing (sparks) occur:
• be sure microwavable dishes were used.
• be sure wire twist ties weren’t used.
• be sure oven wasn’t operated when empty.
• make sure metal rack (if used) is properly installed on
4 supports.
If the display shows a time counting down but the
oven is not cooking:
• check that door is firmly closed.
• check that timer wasn’t started instead of a cooking
Q. C
an I pop popcorn in my microwave oven?
How do I get the best results?
A. Yes. Pop packaged microwave popcorn following
manufacturer’s guidelines or use the preprogrammed
Popcorn key.
Do not use regular paper bags. Use the listening test
by stopping the oven as soon as the popping slows
to a pop every one or two seconds. Do not try to
repop unpopped kernels. You can also use special
microwave poppers. When using a popper, be sure
to follow manufacturer’s directions. Do not pop
popcorn in glass utensils.
Q. W
hy does steam come out of the air exhaust
A. Steam is normally produced during cooking. The
microwave oven has been designed to vent steam
out of the top vent.
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Should you experience any problems with your
microwave oven, it has the capability of transmitting
data to your smart phone using the SmartThinQ
Application or via your telephone to the LG call center.
Smart Diagnosis™ cannot be activated unless your
microwave oven is turned on. If your microwave oven
is unable to turn on, then troubleshooting must be done
without using Smart Diagnosis™.
1. Download the SmartThinQ application on your smart
2. Open the SmartThinQ application on your smart
phone. Press the Smart Diagnosis™ button to
advance to the next screen.
3. Follow the directions in the application.
Using ‘Tag on’ is recommended but, if it does not
work well, the application will show how to use
Audible Diagnosis.
1. C
all the LG call center at: (LG U.S.) 1-800-243-0000
(LG Canada) 1-888-542-2623.
2. W
hen instructed to do so by the call center agent,
hold the mouthpiece of your phone over the Smart
Diagnosis™ logo on the machine.
Hold the phone no more than one inch from (but not
touching) the machine.
4. Press [ ] in the SmartThinQ app for a more
detailed guide on how to use the Tag On function.
Do not touch any other buttons or icons on the
display screen.
3. P
ress and hold the Start button for three seconds.
4. K
eep the phone in place until the tone transmission
has finished. The display will count down the time.
5. O
nce the countdown is over and the tones have
stopped, resume your conversation with the call
center agent, who will then be able to assist you in
using the information transmitted for analysis.
• Call quality differences by region may affect the
• Use the home telephone for better
communication performance, resulting in better
• Bad call quality may result in poor data
transmission from your phone to the machine,
which could cause Smart Diagnosis™ to
• For best results, do not move the phone while
the tones are being transmitted.
• If the call center agent is not able to get an
accurate recording of the data, you may be
asked to try again.
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