Go Vault GV1005 Personal Portable Safe Pink Use and Care Manual

Go Vault GV1005 Personal Portable Safe Pink Use and Care Manual
Your GO VAULT consists of a vault body, a lock bracket and a flexible security
cable. The lock body includes protected slots for the security cable. Your
GO VAULT is designed to be used with all conventional padlocks that have a
shackle that is 9/32” ( 7.2 mm ) or less in diameter. The vault body has a water
resistant neoprene gasket that makes the vault rain resistant. The GO VAULT
is not waterproof.
The security cable is 39 inches long and can be wrapped around many varied
objects including furniture posts, drawer handles, closet rods, structural posts,
chain link fences, soccer goals, volleyball or tennis posts, etc. etc. etc.
1. Open and remove the padlock. (4) (6)
2. Remove the lock bracket. (3)
3. Open the vault. (1)
4. Remove the security cable from the slots at the top of the vault. (2) (5)
5. Wrap the security cable (1 or more times) around a secure object. (2)
6. Place the ends of the security cable back into the slots in the vault. (2) (5)
7. Place your valuables in the vault. (1)
8. Close the vault. (1)
9. Place the lock bracket on the safe. (1) (3)
10. Place the padlock through the hole
and fasten the padlock. (6) (4)
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