RIDGID 25638 Model 975 Combo Roll Grooving Machine Specification

RIDGID 25638 Model 975 Combo Roll Grooving Machine Specification
RIDGID 975 Combo Roll Groover
Description, Specifications and
Standard Equipment
The RIDGID® 975 Combo Roll Groover forms rolled
grooves in steel, aluminum and PVC pipe and will groove
11 to 6 diameter pipe, schedule 10 and schedule 40. It
Is also designed to groove 1'' to 6" schedule 10 and 1'/'
to 2" schedule 40 stainless steel pipe. It can also be
adapted for 2" - 8" Type K, L,M and DWV copper tube with
a roll set change. The grooves are formed by mechanically
advancing a grooving roll into the pipe which is supported
by a drive roll. The only adjustment necessary is for the
depth of the groove.
The unit is specifically designed to be used either in place
or with the RIDGID Model 300 Power Drive (38 and 57
RPM Models). With the appropriate adapter (cat. #67662),
the unit can work with the RIDGID Model 300 Compact
Threading Machine. The 975 Combo Roll Groover includes
a patented groove depth gauge to aid in groove set up and
patented features to improve tracking during use.
The 975 Combo Roll Groover is a portable unit intended
for occasional use on the job site and should not be used
for high volume work or for production work in a pipe fab-
rication shop.
MTI When properly used, the Model 975 Combo
Roll Groover makes grooves 2" - 6' that are dimensionally
within the specifications of AWWA C606-06. Selection
of appropriate materials and joining methods is the respon-
sibility of the system designer and/or installer. Before any
Installation is attempted, careful evaluation of the specific
service environment, including chemical environment and
service temperature, should be completed.
Capacity ................ e... 114" — 6" Schedule 10 and
Schedule 40 Steel Pipe
With Roll Change: 2"- 8" Cop-
per Tube, Type K, L ,M & DWV
(See Table Il for Wall Thickness)
Groove Diameter
Adjustment .................... Adjusting Screw And Groove
Depth Gauge
Actuation Feed Screw with '/2" Ratchet
Power Drive Mounting...RIDGID 300 Power Drive (38
and 57 RPM Model Only)
RIDGID 300 Compact Thread-
ing Machine (with adapter)
Weight... 27.6 lbs.
The 975 Combo Roll Groover is protected under U.S. and
International patents, including patents 6,272,895 and
Adjusting Screw
: = Groove Depth
ur => Gauge
Slide Block
Groove Roll Shaft
Groove Roll
Drive Shaft
Cover Plate
eu 0 — Extension
re “ig я г.
Figure 1 — 975 Combo Roll Groover
Standard Equipment
1/4" — 6" Schedule 10 & 40 Groove and Drive Rolls
Ratchet Wrench ('/2" Drive) with Button Release
Locking Extension Drive
Support Arms
Integral Index Depth Gauge
Ridge Tool Company
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