Eye Level 30-053G21SF Operating instructions

Eye Level 30-053G21SF Operating instructions
De. Eye Level Cast Stone Columns
> Ve evel Installation Instructions
Dig post holes 12" in diameter and 36" deep, Build support form to size appropriate to
with sloping sides (Fig. 1). The exact diameter column width (Fig. 2 & 3). Level forms flush
and depth will be determined by local weather to ground level and pour cement to top of form.
and soil conditions.
12" Column
6 Fig. 2 21" Column
pes on
Fig. 1 le 12° >
Set columns onto center of form with “J” bolts
and attach to column frame (Fig. 4).
“I 27
Typical installation uses rebar or bolts to secure the
12" Col 21" Col
SE A embedded steel frame to a concrete base.
For further reinforcement, pour concrete into the hollow
д =] LL Ш! Е | cast stone column.
Г 7 Note: Check local building codes for proper hole depth.
Fig. 4
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