Islander 701-LM150205 Sagamore 12 mm Thick x 7.72 in. Wide x 47.83 in. Length Laminate Flooring (15.38 sq. ft. / case) Manual

Islander 701-LM150205 Sagamore 12 mm Thick x 7.72 in. Wide x 47.83 in. Length Laminate Flooring (15.38 sq. ft. / case) Manual
Proper maintenance procedures play an important role in the upkeep of all floors. A well maintained floor contributes
to the lasting beauty of your floor. With a few moments of care and a little common sense, you can keep your
laminate floor looking like new, year after year. Please keep in mind that all laminate floors will scratch, and possibly
chip if something is dropped, and should be a consideration when choosing a new floor.
Do not use wet mop. Wellmade recommends using a microfiber dust mop and a spray laminate floor cleaner.
Use only laminate flooring cleaner as recommended by your dealer.
It is helpful to move area rugs and furniture around to keep the flooring from discoloring; some backings on rugs
and mats can discolor your floor. This is due to the backing, and not the finish of the floor.
Wipe up food and other spills immediately, before they get sticky or dry. Then wipe the floor dry with a dampened
cloth. Do not use scrub pads as some may damage the finish.
Your flooring should be swept with a soft bristle broom daily (or vacuumed) or as often as necessary (do not use
a vacuum with beater bar), and/or mopped as necessary. Walking on gritty, dirty floors is the fastest way to wear
and scratch the finish.
Exterior entrance mats should be used to capture most of the harmful dirt. Throw rugs or small sections of carpet
just inside the entrances are also helpful. Your best protection against scratches is to keep grit outside.
Keep shoe heels in good repair; any unprotected shoe bottoms or stiletto high heels could damage the floor.
Certain types of casters on furniture may damage any flooring. It is recommended that you remove any existing
metal or plastic domes (small-bearing surface) from the bottom of furniture legs and replace them with barreltype caster wheels or wide flat glides. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace castors or rollers with a softer
rubber version.
Make sure felt protector pads are placed underneath all furniture and chair legs. Do not slide furniture or chairs
across floor without protection. Replace pads as needed.
Small scratches can be made to blend in by using a common wood scratch treatment that is available from most
flooring dealers. Larger scratches and gouges should be repaired by a professional.
a. Scratch repair
Our finish contains aluminum oxide which helps to prevent deep scratches which will often require a
professional to repair. Light scratches on the surface are common and have a white appearance due to
the aluminum oxide. These type scratches can be made less visible by using scratch treatments that
are available in many retail stores.
b. Deep scratches, and chips.
This type of damage will generally require a professional to repair. When repaired, gouges will often be
visible because the repair filler used for the repair is only one color when your flooring has many shades
of color, a mixture of color fillers will blend the repair better. More serious damage can be repaired by
removing the damaged plank and replacing it with a new plank. This should always be done by a
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