Glacier Bay 4307F-2 All-in-One Drop-In Stainless Steel 27 in. 4-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Workstation Sink Instructions

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Glacier Bay 4307F-2 All-in-One Drop-In Stainless Steel 27 in. 4-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Workstation Sink Instructions | Manualzz
Model #4309F
Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to the store,
call Glacier Bay Customer Service
8 a.m. - 7 p.m., EST, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., EST, Saturday
We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in Glacier Bay through the purchase of this sink. We strive to continually
create quality products designed to enhance your home. Visit us online to see our full line of products available for your home
improvement needs. Thank you for choosing Glacier Bay!
Table of Contents |
Safety Information .........—.c_e—cw_ewecmesesmeneneec. 2 Topmount Installation. ........................... 5
Warranty ......ñ.e-eeeeeneenonseneeneeneenenen E. 2 Care and Cleaning .........ce—ec-eeseneovereneemen. 6
Pre-Installation........c..e—eesenmenvenane ere A 3
Safety Information |
Before installing this sink, read this instruction manual carefully.
It contains important information concerning the safe installation,
operation, and maintenance of your sink.
WARNING: Keep all packaging materials out of the reach
of children to prevent possible choking or suffocation.
Retain this manual for future use. In the event of sale, transfer, or
) . . . | WARNING: Use caution when installing the sink. There is
relocation, ensure this manual remains with the sink.
a risk of crushing your fingers when inserting the sink into
NOTICE: Avoid leaving wet sponges, salt, and corrosive substances the installation location.
on the sink for long periods of time. Lines and scratches may be
caused by improper use of the sink.
CAUTION: Never place hot objects such as hot pans
on the sink. Wait until the object has cooled or use a heat
> > >
resistant plate when placing hot objects on the sink surface.
NOTICE: Do not place the sink on its side as there is a risk of
Warranty |
This limited lifetime warranty is extended to the original purchaser of this sink. The manufacturer warrants this sink to be free from all
manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. The manufacturer will repair or replace, at no charge, excluding labor, any sink
that is proven to be defective under normal use. An equivalent replacement will be issued to the original owner provided the defective
sink was installed in accordance with the installation procedures, used and cleaned as recommended, and not damaged due to abuse,
misuse, or negligence. Chips, scratches, and stains are not deemed to be manufacturing defects. The manufacturer will not be held
liable for chips, scratches, and stains that can occur under normal use over a period of time. Please refer to the cleaning instructions
to maintain your sink in its original appearance. The manufacturer shall not be held liable under this warranty where the sink has been
used in a non-domestic application, improperly installed, or damaged from the impact caused by a heavy object being dropped on the
sink or from improper handling.
The manufacturer shall not be liable for any inconvenience or expense for material or labor related to the removal or replacement of a
defective sink or for any loss or damage to any person or property whatsoever resulting from the defective sink. All transportation costs
to and from the point of purchase will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
Any sink returned must be in the original packaging and include all the accompanying accessories, parts, and documentation. The
manufacturer reserves the right to inspect any sink reported to be defective prior to replacement of the sink.
Excluded are any accessories that accompany the sink (strainers, waste fittings, waste chutes, etc.). The manufacturer guarantees
all sink accessories to be free from manufacturing defects for one year. The manufacturer is not responsible or liable for indirect,
special, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of its products and its liability under this
warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective material at the location of purchase.
The original dated sales receipt must be retained by the customer and is the only acceptable proof of purchase. The manufacturer
makes no additional warranties, express or implied, and any implied warranty including that of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose is limited in its duration to the duration of the written limited warranties set forth herein.
No employee, agent, or other person is authorized to provide any warranty on behalf of The Home Depot for a Glacier Bay product that is in
addition to or different from the warranty stated above unless the warranty has been previously approved by an authorized representative.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which may vary from province to province.
Contact the Customer Service Team at 1-855-HD-GLACIER or visit www.HOMEDEPOT.COM/GLACIERBAY.
Compare all parts to the Hardware Included and Package Contents lists and verify that all parts are included. Inspect all parts for
damage. If there are missing parts or visible damage to the sink, do not install and contact the Customer Service Team at 1-855-HD-
Silicone ® Phillips
Sa sealant CA Safety goggles N screwdriver Hammer
Drill and
drill bit
A NOTE: Hardware not shown to actual size.
Part | Description Quantity
AA Mounting clip 10
BB Colander feet 4
Please contact 1-855-HD-GLACIER for further assistance.
Pre-Installation (continued)
Part Description Quantity
| Strainer bowl 1
J Gasket 1
K Double lip seal 1
L Waste bowl 1
M Flat gasket 1
N Fitting 1
0 Towel 1
Part Description Quantity
A Template 1
B Sink 1
C Bottom grid 1
D Cutting board 1
E Colander 1
F Roll mat 1
G Strainer basket 1
H Screw slid guide 1
1 Preparing the installation location
NOTICE: It is strongly suggested that you contact a professional
countertop fabricator when installing the sink as a topmount.
[1 If necessary, remove the old sink and disconnect the
water supply lines underneath the sink.
[1 If your sink does not already have an existing installation
location, place the template (A) on the sink installation
location and trace the locations to cut out.
[1 Check inside the cabinet for any obstructions prior to
[_] Cut out the location for the sink.
2 Installating the sink
Insert the clips into the channels. See the diagram below for
recommended clip placement.
Insert the sink into the hole. Rotate the clip. Tighten the
clips to secure the sink.
Apply a narrow bead of silicone adhesive sealant evenly all
around the sink flanges.
Immediately remove excess sealant.
Clip Placement
Please contact 1-855-HD-GLACIER for further assistance.
Installing the drain assembly
| 1 Расе the gasket (J) on top of the other drain hole in the
sink (B), followed by the strainer bowl (1).
[| From underneath the sink (B), position the double lip
seal (K) with grooves facing up on the drain holes, followed
by the waste bowl (L).
[1 From the top of the drain hole, screw the screw (H) into the
waste bowl (L).
[1 Position the gasket (M) at the base of the waste bowl (L) and
screw the fitting (N) to the base of the waste bowl (L).
[1 Insert the assembled basket (G) into the strainer bowl (1).
4 Assemble the colander
[1 Assemble the feet (BB) onto the colander(E) .
Care and Cleaning
[1 Do not use abrasive cleaning creams or powders, concentrated caustic soda, formic acid, or anything highly corrosive. For more
information on removing difficult stains, contact Customer Service at 1-855-HD-GLACIER or visit your local Home Depot store.
[| Clean with a sponge or soft dish cloth and gentle sink soap. For stains that are difficult to remove, such as calcium deposits, use
eraser sponges, vinegar-based cleaners, and lime removers.
[1 Rinse the sink with hot water and dry the sink with a soft absorbent cloth.
[1 Fruit juices, coffee, and tea can stain the surface of your sink if not removed. Rinse or wipe the sink promptly after these
substances make contact with the sink.
[| Never use steam or high-pressure cleaning systems to clean your sink.
Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to the store,
call Glacier Bay Customer Service
8 a.m. - 7 p.m., EST, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., EST, Saturday
Retain this manual for future use.


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