Berkey WVS13 13 in. Water View Spigot Manual

Berkey WVS13 13 in. Water View Spigot Manual
Berkey ® Sight
Glass Spigot
Berkey® Sight Glass Spigots Installation & Cleaning Instructions
Recommended for use with the following Berkey® stainless steel systems:
7.5" Berkey® Sight Glass spigot -- Travel Berkey®, Big Berkey®
10" Berkey® Sight Glass spigot - Royal Berkey®, Imperial Berkey®
13" Berkey® Sight Glass spigot - Crown Berkey®
Installation Instructions
Cleanliness is important. Wash hands and spigot with dish soap before proceeding to assure that contamination of
the components does not take place during assembly. Rinse thoroughly.
Place the black rubber washer over the threads of spigot. Position the washer so that the beveled side will face the
stainless steel chamber. Insert threaded stem of the spigot through hole in the side of the lower chamber of your
Berkey® system. Then secure the spigot in place with the spigot nut. Then tighten securely by hand. Hint: hold nut
in place and gently turn spigot until tight then rotate spigot until handle and site glass is facing upward.
Note: On 13" Berkey® Site Glass spigot, it is recommended to install the sight glass plastic brace. To do so, un­
screw metal top of site glass spigot, drop plastic brace onto site glass and screw metal top back on. Do not
over-tighten. A small piece of Velcro is included with the 13" spigot. Please attach the larger piece to your Crown
Berkey® water purification system and the smaller piece to the back of the sight glass brace. You should place the
Velcro approximately 1 to 2 inches from the top of the sight glass spigot.
Cleaning Instructions:
Proper cleaning and sanitizing of the faucet and sight glass are necessary to deliver fresh purified water. Berkey®
Sight Glass spigots do not require tools for servicing, cleaning and sanitizing. Simplified construction means fewer
parts to wear out or replace.
1. Empty the upper and lower chamber of your Berkey® system. Carefully remove the spigot from the lower cham­
ber of your system by unscrewing the wing nut inside the lower chamber. On the 13" sight glass spigot, also careful­
ly separate the Velcro strip on the sight glass brace. Breaking the slight glass through mishandling is not covered
under your warranty.
2. Carefully unscrew the sight glass from the spigot. When doing so, hold the glass as well as the metal shroud, to
make sure the sight glass does not slip out and break. Between the sight glass assembly and the spigot is a small
rubber washer, do not lose this when taking the spigot apart. Set these components aside.
3. Unscrew the lever from the spigot body. The rubber seat cup (opaque in color) inside the lever can also be re­
moved, if desired. Gently pull the two pieces apart.
4. Wash hands fully before proceeding. Clean all parts, including faucet body, in hot soapy water. If sanitizing is de­
sired, you may use a mild solution of chlorine (50 PPM) or iodine (14ppm), before rinsing. Rinse thoroughly with
clear hot water. We do NOT recommend washing any of the Berkey® Sight Glass spigots in a dishwasher.
5. To reassemble, simply reverse the order of the cleaning instructions above then repeat the installation instruc­
Special Notes on Cleaning:
A small nylon or other soft material cleaning brush is recommended for cleaning the glass tube. Again, please handle
the glass tube with care. Replacement tubes are not currently available.
When you are reassembling the sight glass spigot to the body of the spigot, make sure that that you include the small
rubber washer. The easiest way to do this is to insert the glass tube, turn the sight glass assembly upside down, place
the rubber washer on top of the sight glass; it should sit inside the metal in the metal protection shroud. With your
other hand, turn the spigot body upside down and thread it onto the screw at the base of the sight glass assembly. Do
not over-tighten.
To assemble the rubber seat cup to the handle assembly, simply push the two components together until the seat cup
snaps into place on the handle assembly.
If using the 13" sight glass spigot, don't forget to attach the optional Velcro strip on the brace, to the Velcro strip on
your Crown Berkey®.
Berkey Sight Glass Spigot Assembly-Cleaning Instructions - 5-1
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