Van Zyverden 833391 User manual

Van Zyverden 833391 User manual
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Sedum is a perennial with thick, succulent leaves, fleshy
stems, and clusters of flowers. There are many types of
sedums/garden succulents, yet all are easy to care for and
grow in American gardens. Sometimes called ‘fat plants,’
these very popular and trendy favorites have some parts that
are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain
water in arid climates or soil conditions. Sedums are also
commonly known as Stonecrop. A very dependable choice for
the garden that offers foliage interest early in the season and
a colorful flower display later.
Succulents are plants that
store water in their leaves
Heat and drought tolerant
Temperatures effects foliage color,
“blushing” into different colors
About This Variety: Sedum Herbstfreude is also known as sedum Autumn Joy and is a most popular garden
succulent. This hardy, upright variety sports light green leaves and deep rose flowers that age to a beautiful bronze
later in the growing season. These tall upright sedums form large clumps of foliage that add a considerable
dimension in the garden landscape as its massive flower heads burst into color in fall. If left standing
- which is what we recommend - they provide much winter interest and food for birds. A very valuable plant!
Growing Instructions: Plant in spring in well-drained soil in full sun. Remember to divide your plants in the years
to come to control their spread
Care Tip: The plants require little maintenance as long as they are planted properly and establish themselves.
After flowering, cut back the plants to maintain their shape.
Exposure: Full sun
Height: Grows 18-24” tall
Spacing: Plant 20-24” apart, 0.5” deep
Hardy in: USDA zones 3-9
Guaranteed to grow 1 year from purchase
if directions are followed. Any concerns related
to quality and/or counts feel free to contact us.
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