FrontLine ULPA30686902, ULPABMF606801, ULPABMF306802, ULPA60684901 Installation guide

FrontLine ULPA30686902, ULPABMF606801, ULPABMF306802, ULPA60684901 Installation guide
STEP 8: Install hinges and lock plates as needed for
STEP 9: For primed and woodgrain composite
83” left side frame with weather seal
83” right side frame with weather seal
36” top frame with weather seal
Other Components Required:
• Composite Brickmould kit
• Interior casing kit
• Shims
• (6) #8 x1-5/8” screws to fasten frame together
• (10) #10 x3” screws to fasten frame to rough
the door being hung on the frame. Route the frame
to fit the hinges and lock plates selected.
jambs, finish the surface of the frames within 15 days
of installation to prevent the factory primer from
breaking down. Woodgrain has a tan primer on it to
accept stain, clear coat, or paint.
STEP 10: Seal with high quality caulk: inside top
corners, bottom corners to sill, brickmould to siding,
and brickmould to frame.
Tools Required
• Tape measure
• Safety glasses
• Power drill/driver
• Power chop saw or miter box
• Framing square
• Level
Installation Instructions
STEP 1: Measure the rough opening.
STEP 2: Trim the frame to fit around the door slab
being used (about 1/8 in. gap) and also to fit in the
rough opening (about 1/2 in. gap.) The thick part
on the bottom of the side frame is factory cut at 5
degrees to fit most sills. The top of the side is notched
to fit the top frame. Trim the bottoms to fit the sill
being used and to fit the height. Cut the top frame
1-1/2 in. smaller than the final frame width needed
STEP 3: Screw each side frame to the top frame with
(3) #8 x 1-5/8 in. screws.
STEP 4: Set the frame assembly in the rough opening.
Shim the frame in place at 5 locations on each side
and 1 on the head. Ensure it is plumb, level and
STEP 5: Fasten the frame to the rough opening with
#10 x 3 in. screws through the side frames and head
at each shim location underneath the weather seal.
STEP 6: Install the Composite Brickmould kit on the
exterior of the door frame.
STEP 7: Install interior trim on the interior of the door
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