GAP GONE HD-1-GGBWH, HD-1-GGBBL Installation guide

GAP GONE HD-1-GGBWH, HD-1-GGBBL Installation guide
Instructions for Gap Gone Bundle Installation
1. Unpack the box which contains the following items;
a. (2) sides
b. (6) clips
c. Pack of 12 screws
2. Ensure that the windows blinds are installed to place the sides over the sides attached to the
window frame
3. Measure the inside of the window frame from the top to the windowsill (3) times. (Measure (3)
times to ensure an accurate measurement)
4. Cut the sides to the length of the window frame with the cut portion facing up to cover the
blinds rail.
5. Measure the inside width of the windows (Or you can use the width of the installed blinds)
6. Cut the Valance to the measured size and attach with double sided tape (Not Inclosed)
7. Put the clips in the allocated holes on the clip sides.
8. Dry fit the sides to the desired depth
9. Peel of the clip backing and press firmly on the sides of the window frame.
10. Once installed please allow 24 hours for the glue to adhere to the window frame for a tight fit
11. Enjoy your new Gap Gone window tfreatment
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