LG STUDIO LSHD3089BD 30 in. 600 CFM Indoor Wall Mount Range Hood with Light in Black Stainless Steel Manual

LG STUDIO LSHD3089BD 30 in. 600 CFM Indoor Wall Mount Range Hood with Light in Black Stainless Steel Manual
Troubleshooting 11
Before Calling for Service
Possible Causes / Solutions
•• The power source is not turned ON.
After installation, the
unit doesn’t work.
- Make sure the circuit breaker and the unit’s power is ON.
•• The power cord and the cable locking connector are not connected properly.
- Make sure the power cord is properly connected to the unit.
Lights work, but
blower is not turning.
•• The thermally protected system detects if the blower is too hot to operate and
shuts the blower down.
- The blower will function properly after the thermally protected system cools
•• The blower is not securely in place.
- Tighten the screws holding the blower in place.
The unit is vibrating.
•• Damaged blower wheel.
- Call for service.
•• The hood is not secured in place.
- Check the installation of the hood.
The blower is working,
but the lights are not.
The speed levels of
the blower sound the
•• Call for service.
•• Using the wrong size of ducting.
- Change the ducting to at least 8" round or 3-1/4" x 10" rectangular for single
blower or 10" round for dual blower.
•• The hood might be hanging too far above the cook top.
- Adjust the distance between the cook top and the bottom of the hood to within
26" to 36".
•• The wind from the opened windows or opened doors in the surrounding area are
affecting the ventilation of the hood.
The hood is not
venting out properly.
- Close all windows and doors to eliminate the outside wind flow.
•• Blockage in the duct opening or duct work.
- Clear any blockages from the duct work or duct opening.
•• The direction of duct opening is against the wind.
- Adjust the duct opening direction.
•• Using the wrong size of ducting.
- Change the ducting to correct size.
Mesh filter is
The unit turns on by
•• Mesh filter is loose.
- Change the metal filter.
•• A spot light or kitchen lamp is shining directly onto the switch controls.
- The switch controls are light sensitive. A light source aimed directly at the
switch controls may disrupt switch functions.
12 Troubleshooting
Possible Causes / Solutions
•• The password for the Wi-Fi network was entered incorrectly.
- Delete your home Wi-Fi network in the application and begin the registration
process again.
•• Mobile data for your smartphone is turned on.
- Turn off the Mobile data on your smartphone before registering the appliance.
•• The wireless network name (SSID) is set incorrectly.
Trouble connecting
appliance and
smartphone to Wi-Fi
- The wireless network name (SSID) should be a combination of English letters
and numbers. (Do not use special characters.)
•• The router frequency is not 2.4 GHz.
- Only a 2.4 GHz router frequency is supported. Set the wireless router to 2.4
GHz and connect the appliance to the wireless router. To check the router
frequency, check with your Internet service provider or the router manufacturer.
•• The distance between the appliance and the router is too far.
- If the appliance is too far from the router, the signal may be weak and the
connection may not be configured correctly. Move the router closer to the
appliance or purchase and install a Wi-Fi repeater.
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