Everbilt EBPA100NL Operating instructions

Everbilt EBPA100NL Operating instructions
5. Tighten lock nut before completing installation. The back plate and lock
nut should have pulled the female part and small gasket against the inner
wall of the casing. If necessary the male part and pull pipe can be used for
o vertical alignment while tightening lock nut.
ре 1. To Install 2. In Use 6. Remove male part with pipe. Coat machined surface and O-ring with
(M Top Lube. Connect male part to pump drop pipe and complete installation.
— 1
Pull Pipe | |
5 | Ш Male Part
al Male O-Ring
U #
Figure 1 U E Casing
| Female Part
1. Pitless adapter should be /
installed below the frost line, and on Lowering Eye
side of well casing where the supply
line will run from well.
2. Center punch at selected depth
setting for pitless adapter, then cut
hole in casing with 1-3/4" hole saw.
3. Remove the lock nut, backplate,
and large gasket. (Do not remove
small gasket). It should be installed ;
inside well casing. N
4. Lower female part into hole in
casing by inside male part installed
upside down in female (see Figure
* Factory tested at 150 PSI 1) with a pipe attached. The rigid
* Fits casing sizes 6" thru 12" pipe allows you to hold female part
in the casing, while installing the
large gasket, backplate, and lock
Y nan Gasket
| VA Large Gasket Back Plate Lock Nut
Drop Pipe,
To Pump
— o 6 — | — lod — —
— — —. ss — | ны ны a |
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