Van Zyverden 11467 User manual

Van Zyverden 11467 User manual
Van Zyverden’s
Asparagus is a long lasting perennial, and the first vegetable
harvested each spring. It is prized for its flavor, is rich in
vitamins and minerals, and is only 30 calories per cup.
Compare this to the grocery price of fresh Asparagus, and you
can easily justify the effort of growing your own. Fun Fact: 12
crowns should provide enough fresh asparagus for one person
for the season. Plant more if you are planning on freezing or
canning the spears.
Grow your own
Vegetable production
can last 15 years or more
GMO Free
About This Variety: Mary Washington is a heirloom (1919) variety, and the parent stock of many of the more
modern hybrid varieties. It is known to be uniform in size, resistant to asparagus rust and to have a fuller flavor.
This open-pollinated variety will reproduce from female flowers in your growing bed, making more and more plants
over the years. These plants will grow forever and ours are GMO Free.
Growing Instructions: Care should be taken to find a spot that will receive at least 8 hours of sunlight in a well
drained area that can be deeply dug (8-10”) to properly plant your asparagus. Growing conditions should be given
the greatest of consideration since the bed will be more or less permanent, maybe at the edge or end of the garden.
Care Tip: For ideal growing plant asparagus in trenches four feet apart. Fertilization recommended
(triple superphosphate applied during planting). Keep bed weed free.
Exposure: Partial shade
Height: Grows 3-6’ tall
Spacing: Plant 12-24” apart, 2” deep
Hardy in: USDA zones 9-11
Guaranteed to grow 1 year from purchase
if directions are followed. Any concerns related
to quality and/or counts feel free to contact us.
114679 S19
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