GREENSCAPES 202368 Installation guide

GREENSCAPES 202368 Installation guide
 ing and avoids killing your plants.
£ diff,
at It
inds of plants, i planter.
sh the pointed 2. Water the plant
end of the WATER thoroughly.
HECK into
the soil about
midway between
the stem of the
plant and the
edge of the pot
Ina few . Leave the
inutes, the WATER CHECK in
indicator strip in place to monitor
he WATER CHECK the moisture
will change from of the soil.
indicator strip
green to white.
water. wich th Ц : ; h danke a Isl
ee ¡Ten dl: +
Р y
The depth to
of ont For those plants which | like wet conditions, the WATER
condition it is pushed deeper. Ao
Depth to insert WATER CHECK
Plants which like to be DRY at all times, e.g. Desert ag Aloe.
= Plants which like to be kept DRY/MOIST at all times, e..
Ne foliage pant eg. Cam Cane, € a E Plant, Vines.
— NN plants, e.9- g. Camela, e Ghanem.
g. Azalea
Gardenia, con Plant.
reaches the root zone. For pige pots, the WATER CHECK shoud
one division deeper. You may find it necessary to dig
small hollow so that the indicators strip in the WATER CHECK
remains visible,
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