Clean-N-Dip 655G1 1 gal. Safe Removal Concentrate for Spray Guns, Tips and Other Accessories Installation Guide

Clean-N-Dip 655G1 1 gal. Safe Removal Concentrate for Spray Guns, Tips and Other Accessories Installation Guide
I. Description: Clean-N-Dip is an environmentally
friendly product that has two functions. When sprayed
through a spray gun and paint sprayer, it is an effective
cleaner. Spray tips, guns, and other metal parts can be
soaked in this safe stripper/cleaner for effortless paint
removal. Clean-N-Dip can be strained and reused over
and over again. Clean-N-Dip is water based, nonflammable and will not corrode metal parts and will not pit
aluminum. It contains no methylene-chloride, caustic or
other harsh chemicals and easily cleans up with water.
II. Instructions: As a Parts Cleaner/Stripper:
A. Types of parts- Clean-N-Dip is designed for metal
parts. It should not be used on plastic or rubber parts.
Some rubber ”O-Rings” can be affected by Clean-N-Dip,
although it will not affect Teflon, neoprene, buna n or
B. Types of coatings removed- Clean-N-Dip can
remove common household paint and varnishes which
are water and oil-based including latex, alkyds, stains,
enamels, lacquers, and clear paints, as well as more
difficult coatings such as epoxy.
C. TEST- A small test should be done first to determine
whether the desired results will be achieved.
D. Equipment- Clean-N-Dip should be used in a
container made of heavy-duty polyethylene, steel, or
stainless steel. A wire basket or screen at the bottom of
the tank will be helpful in removing paint from the
stripping solution. The screen size should be fairly small
to remove as many contaminants as possible.
E. Instructions- Pour Clean-N-Dip into your container to
the desired level. (Depending on the amount of parts to
be stripped). Stir thoroughly with mixing stick or paddle
before every use. Immerse the parts or guns to be
stripped in the Clean-N-Dip solution. Time of stripping will
depend on the type of paint being removed, the number
of layers of paint and the temperature of the paint
remover. Adding heat will improve the stripping action. If
heat is used, keep liquid at a temperature of 1300-1500 F.
Stripping time may vary from minutes to overnight. To
determine if items have been stripped, periodically lift the
parts out of the container. In many cases the paint will
separate from the parts and fall to the bottom of the
container. In other cases it will be necessary to remove
loosened paint with a wire brush, stiff bristle brush, or
scrub pad. This can be done over the dipping container
or over a separate container. Final cleanup or removal of
any residual paint can be accomplished using
compressed air or water wash. Keep container sealed
when not in use to minimize evaporation. Stir Clean-NDip in the container before each use.
III. As a Paint Sprayer/Gun Cleaner Solution:
A. Clean-N-Dip can also be used as a cleaning solution
to clean out the interior of paint sprayers, guns, and
hoses. This is accomplished by running the Clean-N-Dip
solution through the sprayer according to the
Manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the Manufacturer’s
instructions for cleaning out their sprayers. Always
remember to remove the spray tip and use extreme
caution with high pressure spray equipment.
IV. Reusing Clean-N-Dip: Clean-N-Dip is a slow
evaporating product and will not be contaminated by
paint. You can filter off the paint remaining in the CleanN-Dip solution by using a spaghetti strainer, filter bag, or
strainer. This will yield material that can be reused.
V. Safety Instructions: Rubber gloves and safety
glasses are recommended. Avoid eye contact. If eye
contact occurs immediately flush with plenty of water for
15 minutes. Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with
skin. If skin contact occurs, wash with soap and water.
Maintain adequate ventilation especially in confined
areas. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Give 1 or 2
glasses of water and call a physician immediately.
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