EZ Handrail EZA600-M Installation guide

EZ Handrail EZA600-M Installation guide
ADA Splice – How to
First – take notice of the splice size and its shape. The splice is shaped like a mushroom with a short
stem. 5 in. splices are used for connecting straight pipe to straight pipe, 3 in. splices are used for
connecting components (wall returns, elbows, end loops, etc.) to straight pipe.
When using a splice, we recommend using a metal epoxy to secure the splice in the pipe. You can look
at SKU: CHA901-E. The splice does not need much, you can usually place (3) pea size dabs of epoxy
(each ½ side) around the splice, rotate it as you slide it in the pipe. Familiarize yourself with the use of
the metal epoxy and by reading the instructions and first aid recommendations.
Installing the splice in to the pipe.
Typical Tools Needed: Vice Grips, Epoxy, Gloves, terry cloth towel, and Eye Protection
1. Start by examining the splice and locating the stem of its mushroom shape.
2. Using your vice grips, lock the vice grip about a ¼ inch away from the edge of the splice where
you will start to insert in to the pipe. The 2 stems will be touching once locked.
3. Practice sliding into one end of the pipe about ½ way before using the epoxy for a permanent fit
4. Once you feel comfortable in the process, start with 3 pea sized dabs of epoxy around the splice
end you will be installing first, rotate the splice as you position it about half way into the pipe,
this will move the epoxy around inside the pipe.
5. Once you have the first end installed and positioned and the epoxy has started to set up, repeat
step 4 for the remaining side.
6. You should be able to fit the remaining side in-place using the vice grips and the lubricity of the
wet epoxy. Rotate the pipe so both cut ends mate up nicely.
Step 1
Step 2-a
Step 2-b
Step 4 & 5
Step 3
Step 4 & 5 opposite side
Step 6
If you do have issues, you can use a ratchet strap on each end of the pipe gently tensioning the two
pipes together using the ratchet mechanism. Tap the pipe close to the splice with rubber or dead blow
mallet as you tension. Take protective measures not to damage the finish on the open ends or in the
center where you tap. This is an extraordinary measure and most installations will not require this
method to complete the installation. If you need further assistance, please call our office at
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