Construction Metals FLGAWF Instructions

Construction Metals FLGAWF Instructions
A Window Flashing can help avoid costly water damage by directing moisture away from the window from the
top down. Window Flashing, also known as Drip Cap is required by most building codes.
Building Paper
Flashing Tape
Window Flashing
1. Cut the Window Flashing to allow 1/2 inch overhang on each side of the window you are protecting. Position the Window
Flashing and apply flashing tape to the top edge
2. Secure the Window Flashing using 3 galvanized nails. The Window Flashing will form an awning over the window. Apply a dab
of caulking to the nail heads.
3. Building paper should overlap the flashing tape and the Window Flashing and then be covered by the siding.
4. Cut and bend the overhanging Window Flashing to make flaps on each end. The resulting flaps should be sealed with exterior
grade sealant to create wind-resistant sides.
These basic installation guidelines are for use with typical or standard applications. It is always recommended to seek advice from a licensed
professional, and to check with your local building inspector or building permit office for approvals and possible variations that may apply.
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