MODONA 4024-PC Installation guide

MODONA 4024-PC Installation guide
4024-РС . 24" Towel Bar - Polished Chrome - Antica Series
Installation for Drywall and Tile:
1. Using included template, mark screw
positions. Use level to ensure screw
positiions are level.
2. Using drill, drill guide holes at each screw
3. Insert screw anchors (2) into wall until flush
with surface.
4. Attach brackets (3) to wall with lip up away
from wall and install screws (4) into bracket.
5. Install base by tilting TOP edge to wall
Dimention and connect to top lip of bracket, then bring
bottom edge of base to wall. Base must
be flush to wall.
6. Using included allan key (5), tighten small
_ —_ screw (6) at bottom of base until base is
tightly fasten to wall. Note if base does
not fit flush to wall, you may have to
loosen screw at bottom of base first.
7. Insert towel bar into bases BEFORE
attaching second base to wall.
For Installation to Wood Stud or Wood Cabinet,
omit steps 2 and 3 above.
26 1/2"
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