Yard-Man 11A-A12N701 User guide

Yard-Man 11A-A12N701 User guide
Spark plug boot disconnected.
Connect wire to spark boo
Fill tankwith clean, fresh gasoline
Engine runs erratic
cr on A Ww
. Blocked fuel line or stale fuel,
. Vent in gas cap plugged.
. Water or dirt in fuel system,
. Dirty air cleaner.
. Unit running with CHOKE {if equipped)
Spark plug b boot loose,
au pu
: Connect tand d tighten spark plug boot.
. Clean fuel line; fill tank with clean, fresh
Clear vent.
Drain fuel tank. Refill with fresh fuel.
. Refer to engine manual.
. Push CHOKE knob in,
Occasional skips
(hesitates) at
high speed
. Spark plug gap too close.
Excessive Vibration
. Cutting blade loose or unbalanced.
. Tighten blade and d'adapter. Balance blade,
. Seean authorized s service dealer.
J Mower will not 5
: mulch. grass 1
. Bent cutting blade,
; Sharpenorreplaceblade RE
Uneven cut
. Wheels not positioned correctly.
. Duli blade,
Place front and rear wheels in same height
position. (Dual lever height adjusters only)
. Sharpen or replace blade.
t If Applicable
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