INFICON 700-100-P1 User guide

INFICON 700-100-P1 User guide
QS5 Operating Manual
9.0 Trouble-Shooting
Possible Cause
Does not achieve
good vacuum
1. Loose/open fittings
1. Make sure all
connections are tight, gas
2. Not enough oil
ballast & oil fill cap are
3. Dirty/contaminated oil closed and unused inlet is
not open.
4. Old/dirty/non-vacuum
2. Add oil to level indicated
rated hoses
3. Change oil
5. Gas ballast open in
deep vacuum operation
4. Use new hoses rated for
6. Pump has reached the deep vacuum
end of its useful life
5. Close gas ballast
6. Service or replace pump
Oil discolored
1. Excess moisture in oil, 1. Change oil
or oil burnt
Oil leakage
1. Loose
1. Ensure oil drain and
related fittings are tight
2. Over-filled with oil
2. Check oil level, drain
extra if necessary
1. Power disconnected
1. Connect power
2. Thermal protection
has shut pump down
2. Allow pump to cool, will
re-start on its own
Failure to start
3. Cold start condition
3. Subject pump to heat to
raise the ambient
4. Operating voltage too
4. Check operating voltage
5. Power supply cord too
5. Use shorter power supply
6. Foreign matter has
entered pump
6. Check and clean pump
7. Blown fuse
7. Check fuse (near power
receptacle) and replace if
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