Mettler Toledo GWP® Verification Datasheet

Mettler Toledo GWP® Verification Datasheet
Good Weighing Practice™
GWP® Verification
Maintain Accuracy over Time
GWP® Verification declares whether
your weighing device is fit-for-purpose
(suitable for its intended use) by
assessing if the performance of your
weighing device meets your internal
process requirements. This gives you
peace-of-mind that you are operating
within the safe weighing range.
Risk-Based Approach
Based on a risk assessment, GWP® Verification provides you with a calibration
and routine testing plan to monitor and
maintain consistent quality and optimize
costs. In addition, it gives guidance on
routine testing methods, frequency, applicable weights and tolerances.
Audit-Proof and Compliant
GWP® Verification provides a complete
set of audit-proof documentation to safeguard full compliance with regulatory
­requirements. This helps during ­audits to
ensure a smooth assessment with traceable data and proof of use.
Good Weighing Practice™
Good Weighing Practice™ is a global
standard that applies to new or existing weighing equipment from any manufacturer in any industry and workplace.
It is a standardized methodology for the
secure selection, installation, calibration
and operation of weighing equipment.
GWP® Verification and Re-Verification
Weigh with Certainty
GWP® Verification assesses if the measured perfor­
mance of your balance or scale satisfies your specific
process and quality requirements. It documents the
measurement range in which you can operate your
equipment to achieve accurate and reproducible
Based on a risk assessment, GWP® Verification
provides all necessary information for calibration
frequency and routine testing. This includes test
methods, service and test frequency, test weights, test
tolerances and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
With its risk-based methodology, GWP® Verification
offers a unique solution to maintain consistent quality
and optimize costs for your specific case.
This service is available for all non-automatic weighing equipment regardless of brand or model and is
based on a calibration that documents the measurement uncertainty of weighing equipment in its actual
GWP® Verification and Summary Report
GWP® Verification includes an assessment for multiple weighing devices and
comes with a unique ­summary report, which gives you an overview of all
your devices at one glance. It includes easy-to-understand status lights, the
recommended test methods and test frequencies. These are in comparison to
the current situation, highlighting where there is potential for cost savings or
quality improvements.
GWP® Re-Verification and Trend Chart Report
GWP® Verification requires an update with every new calibration, change of
process requirements or operating environment. From your second GWP®
Verification onwards, you will receive the GWP® Re-Verification Report.
This includes a trend chart of your weighing device, allowing you to keep track
of the performance of your device over time. This satisfies the highest demand
for documentation and is also available for multiple devices (as GWP®
Re-Verification Summary Report).
Complementary Services
Accuracy Calibration Certificate (ACC)
To assess the performance of the device, it needs to be calibrated onsite, in the environment where it is used. With the globally available Accuracy Calibration Certificate (ACC)
METTLER TOLEDO quantifies the performance of your balance or scale (measurement
uncertainty) over its entire weighing range. With the result of a calibration you know the
accuracy of your device and how reliable your weighing results are.
Good Weighing Practice™
Laboratory Weighing
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