Mettler Toledo IND890com Datasheet

Mettler Toledo IND890com Datasheet
IND890 Applications
Communication Interface Application
Keeps data and production flowing
Remote communication
Communicate with your weighing application in the harshest environment. A remote
PC can send data to the weighing terminal,
and collect information from it, while
remaining in a clean and secure
Weight data
The communications interface can be used
to receive current gross, net, and tare
weight values. The interface can also be
used to reset tare and to switch between
up to four connected scales.
Custom messages
Operator actions can be directed using the
simple Com-890 interface commands.
Production information, procedural
instructions or entry prompts can be sent
for display on the IND890com terminal.
Peripheral devices
The application also supports the connection of peripheral interface devices such as
ARM-100 discrete I/O modules. These
which can be used to control process
devices, receive input from bar code scanners for easy data entry, and sent output to
printers to produce labels or other data
required by the process.
IND890com Weighing Terminal
Remote capability for an advanced
weighing terminal
The Com-890 application allows a remote PC to assume complete control of the IND890 terminal, taking
advantage of all its powerful features and benefits.
This capability can be used whenever a process is
controlled by a remote PC; the application allows
the PC to retrieve weight data from the IND890 and
to send commands to it, integrating the weighing
terminal into the overall control scheme. To enhance
control and consistency of the weighing application,
on-screen messages can be sent to the IND890 for
display to the operator. This is particularly useful
when the weighing application is in a harsh environment not suited for a PC; adding Com-890 to the
weighing terminal allows the PC and its operators to
remain in the secure environment.
Com-890 Application
Remote interface application for the
IND890 weighing terminal
Features and Benefits
• Process consistency assured by prompting the user
through a sequence of steps using custom text commands sent from the PC to the terminal
• Convenient application-specific interface, using custom menus that reflect the function for which the terminal is used
• Easy touchscreen data entry – capture all keys
pressed by the user during operation, and send them
to a remote PC
• Quick and accurate custom data entry using the
touchscreen HMI or a bar code scanner, with input shared in real time with the remote PC
• Seamless capture of data entry, either without format restrictions, or by creating pre-defined input formats such as text, date, selection from a list, or a password
• Flexible control by discrete I/O in the harsh environment, using a connected ARM-100 relay module from the secure area
• Easy-to-format commands can be transmitted via Ethernet, WLAN, USB or RS-232 serial interfaces
• Control and gather data from multiple IND890 terminals in the production environment, using installed on a PC
Technical Data
Touchscreen interface
Standard, 10” measured diagonally
Environmental protection
IP69K, suitable for the harsh industrial environments. Rust-free housing with Ra<0.8µm surface finish
Easy to read with intuitive interface and icons. DeltaTrac display for easy weighing-to-target
Data storage
Compact Flash card storage standard in all models
Scale interface
Up to four scale interfaces including Analog, IDNet and SICS
Discrete I/O
Discrete I/O option board provides 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Inputs are opto-coupler rated for max 30 VDC @ 50
mA; Outputs are relay contacts rated for 30 VDC @ 1 A, but not more than 2 A across all four outputs
Remote: Up to 5 ARM100 I/O modules, 4 in/6 out @ 30 VDC/250 VAC, 1 A max.:
Ethernet connectivity standard, for integration into industrial networks. In addition, select and install up to six
interfaces including scales, I/O option, USB, WLAN and serial (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485) for connection to
PCs, printers and bar code scanners
Enclosure options
Available in panel-mount and harsh enclosure designs
Harsh enclosure includes ergonomic and swivel mount for wall or desk mounting
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